Discussion in 'Current Affairs' started by higthepig, Mar 24, 2007.

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  1. Gentlemen

    My apologies, but after further consideration , and in view of which branch of the Iranian Forces allegedly has our people at the moment, I am closing or deleting all threads regarding this morning's incident , save any threads purely concentrating on best wishes and God speed for a return of the detainees.

    In my view, there now exists a real danger that speculation and reported remarks influenced by genuine anger will be to the detriment of the safety of our people and OPSEC.

    Please do not open new threads seeking to speculate on this incident.

    Remarks made here, could very easily end up elsewhere, to the detriment of all concerned.

    in the light of the ex admirals remarks, you want a link PTP try watching the news, why can he give a point of view and us ex CPOs can`t, I`m quite sure if any journos are are reading this they will know what a prat you you really are . PTP I take it thats TA, whats your real job? Macdonalds, it`s so important that the whole world reads RR, and they will be grateful for your intelligent input.
  2. Gents and Ladies, the OPSEC rule is here for a reason, some of our personnel are still being held and talk like this is not going to help them. The full story has not been released, please leave all speculation for a little more time and maybe the navy the ship and those of us onboard will set everything straight. Just a little more patience please and no fingerpointing.

    Sorry, rant over but I have been reading siht about this since it happened. Don't even get me started on the cnuts on the Daily Mail site.
  3. It is`nt the case of what is said in the press or on the news or what people like Kingoftwigs says , its the facts of what happened as we know it, if the rest of the world can say what they wish, then why is RR censored? RR is so important in this world the journos hang on every word, then quote me journos i`m not afraid.
  4. Hey, what about the OPSEC!!!!
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