Iran Test Fires High Speed Torpedo

Discussion in 'Current Affairs' started by LancashireHussar, Apr 3, 2006.

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  1. From today's Telegraph.

    Iran sends a message to the West by boasting about its high-speed torpedo
    By Tim Butcher, Middle East Correspondent
    (Filed: 03/04/2006)

    Iran announced that it has carried out successful test-firings of the world's fastest torpedo, capable of outrunning any warship.

    The message was intended as a signal to western military planners considering attacks to deal with Iran's nascent nuclear capability.

    While military plans remain secret, it is believed that Washington, London and Tel Aviv have begun drawing up options ranging from surgical air strikes to helicopter-borne commando raids.

    A new torpedo of the speed and capability described by Ali Fadavi, a rear admiral of the Revolutionary Guards, would not be used to combat western warships involved in an attack on Iran but to punish western military action by crippling the world's oil supply.

    Iran holds the northern side of the Straits of Hormuz, the narrow neck in the Persian Gulf through which two fifths of the world's traded oil passes. A hi-tech torpedo could be used with devastating effect against oil tankers and western warships sent to protect them, choking off the world's oil supply, driving up prices and causing global economic chaos.

    "This device evades sonar technology under the water and even if the enemy's sonar system could detect its movement, no warship could escape from it because of its high velocity," Admiral Fadavi said.

    "The Islamic Republic is now among only two countries who hold this kind of missile." He did not name the other. "Under water, the maximum speed that a missile could move was 25 metres per second. But now we possess [one] that goes as fast as 100 metres per second.

    "It carries a very powerful warhead that enables it to operate against groups of warships and big submarines."

    Iran is known to have a number of Kilo-class submarines. Built in Russia, they are relatively sophisticated hunter-killer boats, designed to sneak up on enemy shipping, attack with torpedoes and escape. Iran lied to the international community for more than 10 years about its nuclear capability, denying that it had any technology or ambitions.

    Intelligence leaks to the West eventually forced Teheran to admit that it had a relatively advanced nuclear programme but even now it insists that this is purely to generate energy. It flatly denies any military ambitions.

    There has been a significant toughening of the language used by western diplomats about Iran recently.
  2. Why did they need to spend all that money just get plans of the Japanese Long Lance Torpedo of WW11 the biggest fastest long range weapon going. Gave the USN a major problem.

    Type 93
    Diameter 24"
    Length 29' 6"
    Weight 5952 lbs.
    Warhead size 1080 lbs.
    Range and Speed 20,000m @ 48 kts 32,000m @ 40 kts 40,000m @ 36 kts

    Or 25 miles at 36 knots to yoos old folk

    The Long Lance. 'Nuff said.

  3. No, certainly not a Journo Nutty, actually a Pongo, which you may find worse! :lol: Just thought that the above stories were relevant and interesting and deserved a wider readership. Problem?
  4. Lanc's
    No problem with Squaddies or Crabs. My Bruv is ex-crab pilot and my son-in-law is a Bootie. Inter Service banter and abuse stops when civvies and in particular Politicians and Jounos join in then it is form a square time.

  5. They are claiming 195 knots, a trifle faster than Long Lance. Mind you they don't say how big it is or what range it has. Mind you at that speed I suppose it doesn't need a warhead.

  6. No problems mate, I dislike journos sniffing journos as much as you do, if you're ever Down Under look me up and we'll have a beer.

  7. All the Iranians are talking about is one of the Russian 'Squall' rocket powered torpedoes. Unguided and not much range. Zap the launcher and it's end of problem.
  8. However, Iran's strength is based on the fact that the vanishing of one VLCC/LNG tanker by hostile action would rather throw the world markets into chaos, and it would be rather easy to do so, especially given the lmited naval forces deployed to the gulf. The ships can't be everywhere, and even if they could, this thing could cause any merch with volatile cargo an especially bad day.
  9. That Torpedo sounds like a very nasty weapon.

    Response time for countermeasures /defence is a bit minimal and thats if you know its on its way .

    As for destroying the launchers -- :? :? :?

    Agree with Scud aswell, anti shipping weapon with surface or submerged
    launch in that area apart from causing the Merch a problem might just cause a few heartbreaks to the gray funnels too.
  10. These Iranian loose cannons are taking the piss, latest from sky news..
    Iranian President Mahmoud Amedinejad has renewed his attack on Israel, saying the Jewish state will be "annihilated".

    He said the existence of Israel was a threat to the Islamic world.

    "Like it or not, the Zionist regime is heading toward annihiliation," he said. "The Zionist regime is a rotten, dried tree that will be eliminated by one storm."

    The US State Department called his statements "reprehensible".

    If the leader of their country can make such a bone headed statement to the world then maybe we should be focusing on these people a little more. Sick and tired of the vile islamic nonsence from these world hating camels. :evil:
  11. Anyone sense we're all up for a nice tax-payer funded sandy holiday in the not too distant future?
  12. If that thing came at me I'd prefer to be on a pussers grey than an oil tanker... maybe I should consider a branch change :wink:
  13. In theory there'll be some pussers gray between us and the threat. If they don't stop it, they'll be rather close to a rather large fireball. We in the RFA take the Blackadder approach to SPMs - if hit, Jump 5000 feet in the air and spread ourselves over a wide area.

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