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I posted this earlier but the thread appears to have gone missing and I cannot find any record of its existence - perhaps I am being paranoid but is Des Browne manipulating RR?

From today's Torygraph:

The Ministry of Defence ruled out holding a board of inquiry into how the 15 were kidnapped, prompting accusations that any criticism would have had potentially fatal consequences for Mr Browne's ministerial career.


As I said previously if there isnt a BoI it is a disgrace.


War Hero
Leaving aside the conduct of the hostages while in captivity and their behaviour since, the question of how they were taken by surprise in the first place has to be asked and answered. Not to have a BoI smells like an arse covering excercise to avoid further embarassment to the British government and the Naval hierarchy.


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Exactly - a BOI is just as useful for proving that there is no blame either - so if there is not a problem, why no BOI to prove it.....

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