Iran navy in suicide attack pledge

Discussion in 'The Quarterdeck' started by Chicogiz, Jan 11, 2008.

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  1. I think it is more important now for the rules of engagement in the Gulf be changed and any unidentified vessel on a direct course with no acknowledgement be sunk within three miles, I think need a few more major assetts to support our guys
  2. I suspect the HMG will require casualties in the forces before taking remedial action, so as to attempt not to get blamed for starting a new conflict. They will get blamed by the Iranians, of course. That's theopolitics!
  3. As I think someone pointed out on another forum, there seems to be two distinct factions at work here. There are the regular Iranian defence forces who seem to be causing no trouble and there are the Revolutionary Guards nutjobs who are constantly provoking incidents and dribbling on about martyrdom.
  4. Plastic boat versus quick squirt from a Phalanx system! Mind you it would take a bit of political Bollox I suppose.
  5. How many Phalanx systems do you have and how many cheap plastic bath tubs do they have. Only one cheap plastic bath tub has to get through to make the USN look not as bright as they appeared and that of course would be a major coup for the revolutionary guard.
  6. I think the USN not looking clever would probably be the least of the world's worries if the revolutionary guard actually gave the USA an excuse to start a war with Iran. Bloody trigger happy yanks!
  7. I'm not convinced that coalition forces would be able to deal with multiple attacks from small surface craft, especially at night. One question: Would Phalanx take out anything not coming at it's own platform e.g. any small craft heading for the oil tankers?
  8. Good point Harry....................

    In this sort of incident, who knows what to believe. I believe we are in serious danger of kicking the dog up the a**e while having our fingers in his mouth!
  10. Daily Telegraph

    Following on from last post,

    Any one else ever hear the "Flippino monkey" in this part of the world
  11. From experience manning VHF in those delighful waters (last visit over 10 years ago) what was described was an almost daily occurance.
    An exchange would start with the IRGC which would be polite enough. There would then be some other, non connected, slaphead on the VHF who would start threating to rain down death and destruction on either ship being questioned or the one doing the questioning.
    Tensions were not so high and there did not appear to be so many 'hot heads' in attendance.
    It seems the Yanks acted correctly, there was a perceived threat. The IRGC were doing their own thing letting the big boys know they were there. How did we used to react when Ivan sent a Warship through the dover straits? we tailed it, we tried to talk to it. we let them know we were there and they were in our patch.
    Luckily common sense prevailed.
    The Iranian press has now raised the stakes again. Brinkmanship, with the amount of weaponry in attendance and the stakes that are being played for, is not something that should be saluted.
    Both sets of politicos will not back down and reign in the appropriate idiots.
  12. Any one else ever hear the "Flippino monkey" in this part of the world[/quote]

    And how much they 'Like Bananas'....The other one that sticks in the mind was the regular night watch requests on CH16 to F**k your mother'.
    The amount of times I would wander up to the bridge after dropping the old mans signals off during the morning and found the volume turned down by the OOW. Ah 'happy' days.
  13. sgtpepperband

    sgtpepperband War Hero Moderator Book Reviewer

    ‘Filipino Monkey’ behind threats?

  14. Such anonymous mutterings over VHF Channel 16 have been rife in the Gulf for at least 20 years, especially during the night watches.
  15. We had what we termed the female Lord Haw Haw berating us daily at our station just outside the 50 mile limit in the Mekong Delta just before the fall of Saigon. We were there to steam in and pick up Brit embassy staff and nationals if need be, sanity prevailed in the end as the Vietcong allowed one RAF VC10 in ( all seating ripped out ) to rescue our nationals.
  16. Back in 2002 a very forward thinking USMC General [Van Riper] led the enemy [Iranian] forces in a Persian Gulf war-game named Millenium Challenge:-

    The Immutable Nature of War

    Battle Plan Under Fire

    In Millennium Challenge 2002, a $250 million war game designed to test the new technologies and concepts of transformation and network-centric warfare—in which U.S. forces are data-linked with one another as never before—Lt. Gen. Paul Van Riper, former president of the Marine Corps University, was asked to command the "enemy" forces. In the first days of that mock battle, he used unconventional methods, including a preemptive attack that featured air-, sea-, and ground-launched cruise missiles to sink 16 American ships. After the American forces decided to refloat the ships and restart the game, Van Riper stepped aside from his role, contending that the rest of the game was scripted for American victory. In this interview, Van Riper explains the peril of placing too much faith in technology at the expense of a deeper understanding of the nature of war.


    His battle plan included swarming USN assets with small fast boats and time after time the USN were mauled. They were mauled so badly that the war-games were stopped and Van Riper withdrew saying that they were being scripted to ignore the real Iranian dangers.

    People are now starting to take a new look at Van Riper's predictions as up until now the only people who appear to have learned anything from the $250m exercise are the Iranians :thumright:

    As long as the crews of the "suicide craft" are wearing hi-vis life-jackets we can assume that they are not in suicide mode :bball:

  17. Don't be so sure, you never know who far the Health and Safety mafia have spread...!
  18. Guys no problem here -when the pooh hits the fan again we just deploy HMS CORNWALL that's bound to keep the blighters alongside in Bandar Abbas
  19. sgtpepperband

    sgtpepperband War Hero Moderator Book Reviewer

    Fuggin' 'ell Stan. Your first post in 6 months since joining! You been on deployment or summint?! 8O

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