Iran moaning about the british

Discussion in 'Current Affairs' started by FistFullOfNails, Jun 21, 2009.

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  1. The loons are just gobbing off in an attempt to sideline the serious politcal unrest over the recent elections.
  2. yeah true. Riles me a bit though the way the US and UK are banging on like it's faiy f'ucking rose garden over here!

    Bush's first election was rigged (god knows about the second) and we currently have a man no one elected, in power over here!

    And until Blair and Bush are brought to trial for war crimes against humanity, should we really be critising other dictatorships?! lmao
  3. What happened in Bosnia on the orders of the Serbian high command in Belgrade (information released in 2007 against the wishes of the ICC) is far worse than anything the Bush-Blair alliance committed. THAT is a war crime!

    Iran has always referred to the US as the Great Satan and Britain as the Little Satan since Khomeni seized power from the Pahlavi family in 1979. Personally I take it as a compliment. It means the BBC World Service is riling the self appointed clerics.

    Oppo of Satan! :twisted:
  4. Blimey, just had a quick read about the Bosnia it -sounds fooking atrocious.

    You got any links shipmate?
  5. Got to say that,apart from three trips to Brazil Rio/Montivideo and all surrounds in the Andrew,I've never seen such beautiful looking women in my life as those in Iran[on the box]
    Some look really the tops so I hope they drag themselves into the modern world.
    Those who want to live in the 12th century well just neutron all the electronics and let them live that way.
    Also I'm amazed at the blond haired kids in Afghanistan with blue eyes.
    There has been a lot of breeding going around and they would be at home in an Anglo Saxon country so why are we fighting?
    Also I noticed that the French,Italians,Spanish and the Germans were moaning that the world troubles were caused by the Anglo Saxons.I'm not to well up on anything other than RN history but I thought Germany was an Anglo Saxon country.
    We are in deep shit and sinking faster.
    Also if Beckett gets the job as speaker all politics are barred in my house,she has a voice like the wifes mother and a face like the wifes father!
  6. Sadly not everyone is as devastatingly handsome as you. :(
  7. The Iranian suspicion of the Anglo-Saxons is entirely understandable. In 1953 they had the first democraticaly elected government in the Middle-East but Anglo-Persian Oil [BP] persuaded the Brits that if they overthrew this democratic government then Persian oil would continue to be cheap and their profit margin uninterrupted.

    The Brits turned to the CIA and Kermit Roosevelt overthrew Mossadagh and opened the way for 25 years of brutal military dictatorship led by Shah Pahlavi.

    Fast forward to the 1980's and Mr. Al-Tikriti decided to launch the Republican Guard Divisions in an unprovoked attack against the Iranians. The attack backfired and the Septics not wanting to see their [then] blue-eyed boys have their arses kicked all the way back to Baghdad decided to help.

    They supplied Saddam with Anthrax, Botulism and chemicals and further helped with real-time satellite targeting information. The Iranians were being hit with Biological and Chemical weapons on an almost daily basis and lost over a million men in a brutal 8 year war.

    Best not mention Ronnie Raygun giving the skipper of the USS Vincennes a medal after 'mistakenly' downing an Iranair Airbus.

    Great Satan / Little Satan seem terms that are entirely too mild. :roll:

    As for those green-eyed blondes in Afghanistan, Baluchistan and the Trans Oxus - they can be traced all the way back to Aleksander of Macedonia.

    Mrs. Bergen is from Central Asia. Blond, green eyes, 5'10" and she can field-strip an AK47 faster than greased weasel shit.

    I try never to get on the wrong side of her :salute:

    Happy Trails

  8. Nothing to worry about. The only thing that's changed is that the British media has noticed that the Iranian leadership moan about the British government. The Iranians have been doing that for years, you've just got to look back at the old stories of the hassle that the British Embassy kept on getting.
  9. They aren't doing anything we don't do ourselves. They have also cottoned onto Gordon f'in Brown.

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