Iran Detains Yachties (Merged Threads)

Discussion in 'Current Affairs' started by Joint_Force_Harrier, Nov 30, 2009.

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  1. Re: Watch Your Ipods

    I shit myself then, when it said sailor I thought we had another spackers in detention fest on our hands.
  2. Iranian Navy detains sailors

    Five Britons have been detained by the Iranian navy while sailing a yacht from Bahrain to Dubai, the Foreign Office (FCO) has said.

    The sailors were crewing a boat belonging to Sail Bahrain when they were stopped on 25 November.

    In a statement, the FCO said it was possible the crew, who are still in Iran, may have "strayed inadvertently into Iranian waters".

    The five are understood to be safe and well and their families have been told.
    It is not known where the sailors.

    How long before they're paraded around on TV?
  3. Re: Iranian Navy detains sailors

    If and when they are, at least they won't be in uniform, and I doubt that Ipods will be involved! :roll:

  4. Re: Iranian Navy detains sailors

    How very original, did you think that up by yourself?
  5. Re: Iranian Navy detains sailors

    2BM, you have a PM.
  6. Re: Watch Your Ipods

    "Experienced sailor Smith, 31, from Southampton, completed a degree in Ocean Science and Marine Navigation at the University of Plymouth whilst sailing on the University Mens' 1st Team."

    Give degrees away these days, Marine Navigation lol, sailing up the solent to dock in Rosyth comes to mind

    If he had any common DF He would have known precise navigation is very important in these parts vis a vi Cornwall unless so busy studying his degree he missed reading news articles

    Jack McH
  7. Seadog

    Seadog War Hero Moderator

    Re: Iranian Navy detains sailors

    I expect that the civvy yacht was on 'innocent passage', not that that'll matter to the Iranians, the ill informed internet knob quotient or the UK gutter press.
  8. Re: Iranian Navy detains sailors

    Seems they drifted into Iranian waters around Sirri Island…

    Not a bright place to be sailing near, the natives are well known to be rather belligerent.
  9. Re: Iranian Navy detains sailors

    You and I know that these unfortunate yachties had every right to free passage through Iranian territorial waters. However, as most journalists seem incapable of distinguishing between maritime combat and maritime constabulary (policing) operations, and the widely different rules that govern the conduct of each, I doubt that many know or even care about the provisions of UNCLOS (UN Convention on the Law of the Sea). Like some ignorant bystanders, they are liable to accuse the yachties of recklessly infringing Iran's territorial rights. For their benefit, here's Part II - TERRITORIAL SEA AND CONTIGUOUS ZONE of which the Islamic Republic of Iran is an IMO signatory (]link[/url]). It's difficult to see how a racing yacht could have contravened any of its stipulations:

    Perhaps the yachties could have been more careful but the waters claimed by Iran around such politically sensitive islands as Sirri, dotted around the middle of the Gulf, are unavoidably close to any vessel's track between Bahrain, Dubai and Muscat. I know from having operated there and any vessel breaking down would risk drifting into them. Like the white ensign worn by a lightly armed RIB engaged in UN-mandated boarding operations, perhaps having 'The Kingdom of Bahrain' emblazoned on the hull made it an irresistable, albeit unjustifiable, target for the Iranians.
  10. Re: Iranian Navy detains sailors

    Considering the rowdiness by the pro Iranian Shiites in Bahrain and the repression of said Shiites by the Bahraini authorites, and considering that Iran regards Bahrain as part of it's historic territory, sailing a Bahraini boat near Iranians waters was probably not the smartest of moves.
  11. Re: Iranian Navy detains sailors

    Anyone feel a war coming on?
  12. Re: Iranian Navy detains sailors

    However, as Iran is so close to Bahrain I can imagine it being very hard to sail a Bahraini boat without sailing close to Iranian waters. Arresting a vessel on innocent passage through your own territorial waters is one thing (illegal, but I can imagine the Iranian government coming up with a semi-plausible explanation), allowing another nation to prevent your vessels moving through your own territorial waters is another thing entirely.
  13. Re: Iranian Navy detains sailors

    Smart move would have been to sail south of Sirri Island…

  14. Seadog

    Seadog War Hero Moderator

    Re: Iran Detains Yachties

    Threads merged and tidied up. Don't post when pissed.
  15. To what measure of pissedness do you refer, Sir?

    Perhaps the Iranians should have been rendering assistance in preference to flaccid willy waving;

  16. Re: Iran Detains Yachties

    Hey that spoils the fun!
  17. Back on track, reports on the Beeb this morning that they may have been released.

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