Iran captures RN sailors... 23 March 2007

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Just heard on radio 4 that several RN sailors form HMS Cornwall have been captured by Iran.

Bloody hell.


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What was the bloody Ship doing when they were grabbed??

Why was the Helicopter not armed and launched ??

And If Mags Beckett is involved in the negotiations to get them back - god help them
Do we not do a shot across the bows these days ? Even sighting a turret might have some effect surely ?

Trust all goes well, but I wouldn't trust 'em (or the FCO for that matter).

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Ahh, wasn't it back in 2003 when a same case happened, the RN crossed over onto the Iran borders. Hope they are ok!


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Jenny_Dabber said:
the RN crossed over onto the Iran borders.
According to the news report they were ''escorted'' into territorial waters.

Sounds all a bit suspect to me but as to the cab or gun engaging, it depends on the ROE, and whether the CO would have been willing to escalate things into a shooting war.........


Jenny_Dabber said:
Ahh, wasn't it back in 2003 when a same case happened, the RN crossed over onto the Iran borders. Hope they are ok!
...the Iranians ALLEGED they crossed over in that case. Don't believe it was ever confirmed.

I would be very surprised if this was a Regular Iranian unit - I bet anything it will be the Revolutionary Guards. Who are an interesting group of people... See or for a little light reading. They operate theoretically under the unified command structure of the other armed forces of Iran, however in practice they very often seem to do their own thing, shall we say....


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god speed for a safe and peaceful recovery

do not understand why the ship/AC was not able to offer help or stop them (but might be my lack of knowledge of the incident). but it would have to be a V brave skipper to approve the use of weapons on them.
any way it dont matter now lets hope they return home soon


How far away must the Cornwall have been for them to even consider such a trick?

Surely we should be more careful!


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Gentlemen, just a word of caution.

Please don't speculate on the circumstances surrounding this action. Some of you are better placed than others to comment , but remember, the media is always lurking.

At times like this, they'll be looking for lapses to pad out reports. Please do not give them anything that compromises OPSEC , or which would be of use to an unfriendly entity.


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