Iran calls for 'Gulf of Peace'

Discussion in 'Current Affairs' started by PartTimePongo, May 14, 2007.

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  2. Well it's an understandable sentiment and it does make him sound peace loving and statesmanlike. It also leaves the way open for Iran to acquire Iraq by "other" means.
  3. so we leave and the gulf becomes a United Islamic Republic.

    sounds like a Tom Clancy book.

    **** me it was a tom clancy book and in the book the feckers tried to do u all in.

    lets hope dinnerjacket hasnt read it
  4. I disagree :)
    I don't think it makes him sound peace loving and statesman like at all.
    I think it sounds like he's just trying to drive a wedge between the REAL peace loving Arab states and the West.
  5. Ah but real peace loving states in the Middle East don't vote in our elections. This man is simply sucking up to the home market. I agree that he is not a statesman by any stretch of fantasy.
  6. It depends on how much stock Am mad in a hat has with Al Jazeera.. :D

    These guy's can put the papparazzi to shame when it comes to playing with the press, they know CNN and all will undoubtably bring this up for discussion so all the half-wits with Phd's after their names can have a say as to what they "really" mean...

    Peace loving states...yer right didn't Stalin use the same line... :wink:

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