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Little piece in a defence related site was interesting; Iran & Russia announced that 21 TOR M-1 air-defence systems as supplied to Iran by Russia are now operational.

Strange thing about it is that the TOR M-1 [SA-15 or NATO Gauntlet] appears to be protecting batteries of long-range S-300PMU [SA-10 or NATO Grumble], also supplied by Russia.

The SA-10 is similar to the US Patriot system except it's a little more robust.

The Iranians also appear to have aquired some older long-pulse Russian radar systems; this may seem strange until you realise that modern stealth aircraft are only stealthy against modern radar systems. It was an old long-pulse radar and an even older SA-3 missile that downed the F/A-117 "Something Wicked" over Serbia. Makes you think, particularly since Russia has had full access to the wreckage of "Something Wicked" for years now.
Add to that the US have sent patriots and a carrier to Iraq .... but Iraq doesn't have any air assets so why send patriots out there .... uh uh ....
isn't Iran next door to Iraq ... but we're not at war with Iran ....uh uh ...
andym said:
RM2PhD said:
isn't Iran next door to Iraq ... but we're not at war with Iran ....uh uh ...

YET! :shock: :shock: :shock:
The drum-beat to attacking Iran has already started here in the USA with an almost identical propaganda model that led the invasion of Iraq being used. The same old talking heads are popping up on the talk-shows and no-one seems to question their credentials.

Richard Perle one of the foremost neocons and a life-long supporter of right-wing Israeli policy has just travelled to the Herzliya Conference in Israel and assured the Israelis that the US will atack Iran. This is a man who was exposed passing sensitive US intelligence to the Israeli embassy and who was caught taking large payments from Israeli arms manufacturers. Only in the US could he also have had a parallel job as Rumsfled's chief advisor and Chairman of the Pentagon's Defence Policy Board.

Meanwhile the Iranian's have just admitted that their chief nuclear scientist Professor Ardeshir Hassanpour was assassinated in Iran last week. The plot thickens.



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bergan, there was a piece in the papers over here a few weeks ago (sorry no link) about the states agreeing to the israelis using tactical nukes on iranian nuclear facilities.
Ah conspiracy theories ... don't you just love 'em. I mean, they wouldn't be stupid enough to do this all over again .. would they? :???:

Ah conspiracy theories ... don't you just love 'em. I mean, they wouldn't be stupid enough to do this all over again .. would they? :???:

You never know SF. Think about it. An aggressive totalitarian state led by an unstable religious leader who won't listen to reason and who is intent on provoking a nuclear war. Public opinion totally against his leadership and everything being done to circumvent the UN.

.......................and that's just the USA :shock:

Hey Bergan, like the noo signature, but ain't those guys got 'uman rights, good job you ain't back here the PC brigade would be coming to get you - pity is a cool 'signature' course it would be better to say 'winning' but that would be fibing wouldn't it? some has tho' (won that is, guess who!)
We're struggling in Afghanistan, Iraq is a right clusterfuck, the Balkans are fairly quiet at the moment but who knows? The Horn of Africa is just waiting to kick off. Iran V USA & Israel? Watch this space. North Korea & Syria? If the yanks over-commit to the Middle East watch China go into Taiwan. Who's side will Russia come out on? If we get dragged into anything else with our limited resources, and I'm sure this government would commit us just to keep the Yanks happy, watch Argentina have another go at the Falklands. As for most of the rest of the EU, they'll be sat around with their thumbs up their arses as usual. WWIII just around the corner? If so I don't hold much hope of us winning this time.
Russia will sit on the fence bashing its gums at one and all then swoop in and pick up the pieces it wants to further its own Nest!
I hate to give the great "Evil Zionist-USA World Takeover" conspiracy theories any more credibility than they really deserve, but I have to admit, I found this article rather unnerving. It was written by a retired IDF general, and seems to bear a lot of it out:

Psycho Israeli General
With all this going on it makes you wonder why the f**k this present govt are doing their best to disarm the country!!
Maybe its a plan to become neutral when the s**t hits the fan!!!!
Now Bush steps in to the furore with his 10p worth and he is hardly in a position to lecture any other country where human rights are concerned.
We have a a wide selection of posters on this thread. Some have the utmost respect from myself whatever there opinion is .I have a challenge for you all. Instead of bitching about Bush Blair and co . Give us a worthwhile solution . I my eyes Iran has an advantage at the moment . Short of all out airstrikes there appears to be few options to us Brits except ''Sorry old chap , wont do it a again'' .What do you think?

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