IRA supporters disrupt Armed Forces Day Parade in Glasgow

Discussion in 'Current Affairs' started by Capn_Pugwash, Jun 27, 2009.

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  1. Just spotted this on ARRSE: -


    IRA Supporters tried to disrupt the Armed Forces Day parade in Glasgow.

    Their efforts partly succeeded with the assistance of the police, who allowed them within shouting distance of George Sq, apparently in the interests of freedom of speech!

    Since when has waving proscribed flags and inciting religious hatred been freedom speech? They should have been arrested and charged with breach of the peace, at the very least.

    Several hundred members of the public heard their chants and set off across the square, shouting "scum", etc. They were prevented from reaching the IRA Supporters by the police, who then formed a human (?) barrier across the street to block it off. The public followed up with a couple fo choruses of Rule Britannia!

    The senior officer, an Inspector, later took a severe "in his face" ear bashing from several members of the public who objected to the police allowing the IRA Supporters so close to the Square.

    Strathclyde Police in general and the operational commander in particular, hang your heads in shame.

  2. witsend

    witsend War Hero Book Reviewer

    They must be warming up for the 12th.

  3. Of course if there had been women peacefully demonstrating against the gubbermint the Old Bill would have concealed their uniform numbers, pulled black balaclavas over their faces and baton-charged them OR if it had been a newspaper seller walking along minding his own business they would have concealed their uniform numbers before beating him into a fatal heart-attack OR if it had been an innocent Brazilian electrician they would have shot him a dozen times in the head.

    Whatever scenario had gone down we can be sure that they would have concealed evidence and lied under oath.

    Aren't our police wonderful. :thumbright:

  4. Re: IRA supporters disrupt Armed Forces Day Parade in Glasgo

    They have their uses but I would not trust one further than I can spit.
  5. Re: IRA supporters disrupt Armed Forces Day Parade in Glasgo

    Yet again the Sh!tty underbelly of Glasgow is shown to the world! Bigotry is so ingrained in the culture of the City that I very much doubt it will ever be put to rest. Why can a zero tolerance approach to these monkeys not be taken? Is it perhaps because the continuation of such mongtardery keeps the two local football clubs in business and therefore providing the city council with extra funds?
  6. Re: IRA supporters disrupt Armed Forces Day Parade in Glasgo

    The Irish Republican wannabes who organised this are the typical plastic warriors who have no connection to Irish Republicanism apart from the belief that singing songs about the IRA and involving themselves in hating anything to do with the British Armed Forces makes them loyal to a cause that they are only connected to by the Irish origins of the football team they support. Narrow minded and easily led, a sense of belonging to something is mistakenly believed as loyalty to a cause that has absolutely bugger all to do with them in reality on any level.

    One numpty regularly appears on a Scottish football message board with avatars and pictures about anit-nazism, posted in support of the anti-nazi stance of St Pauli FC of the German League, a team with a left wing/anacharist/republican elements of its support that has links with some supporters of Celtic. It is lost on this idiot that he is a supposed anti-nazi but took part in the walkout of the minutes silence at Parkhead for rememberance day as a protest against the British Army despite the fact he and his fellow numpties were protesting against people who had laid down their lives fighting nazism. Breathtaking but you simply couldn't argue with them, they are brainwashed into a totally plastic loyalty to something that they think they belong to.

    They continually trot out stories of the British Army committing murders and atrocities all over the world but particularly in Ireland and Northern Ireland, referring to our troops as 'murderers' whilst bombings of buses, pubs, cars and shootings of people in the back of the head are 'military operations' and the deaths of kids are airbrushed from their perverted view of history.

    Unfortunately, Glasgow and the West of Scotland, with its polluted history of sectarianism and with elements of its two biggest football teams feeding off this hatred is a fertile breeding ground for this vile sh*te.

    I just content myself with the knowledge that they are a bunch of cowardly fannies demonstrating behind police protection against old men and women and whose arguments and politics could be picked apart by a 5 year old.
  7. witsend

    witsend War Hero Book Reviewer

    Re: IRA supporters disrupt Armed Forces Day Parade in Glasgo

    I have to agree Mac, brainwashed morons.

    It does seem that both sides in the "war of the mongs" had there colours flying yesterday. Its reported Scottish Secretary Jim Murphy was abused because of his religion.

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