Ipswich Evening Star: "Royal Marine Carl Sets London Marathon World Record"

Discussion in 'The Corps' started by soleil, Apr 20, 2011.

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  1. <<......beat the previous record of nearly five-and-a-half hours, which – in a bit of inter-service rivalry – was held by a Para.......>>

    BZ ................& give that man a LBD, too.
  2. He's a good chap is Sgt Creasey - BZ to him for this fantastic achievement!
  3. Good effort that SNCO.
  4. Effort, you say NZB?

    Surely that was a RESULT, or was it different in your day......now I am confused.
  5. A good effort for an RM is equivalent to a VC recommendation to any of the other Forces.
    See 45 Cdo Apache helicopter incident.
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  6. An brilliant feat of toughness, well done Royal.
  7. I know one of the lads involved in that incident NZB he's a good bloke!

    As for this chap. BZ great achievement and well done on raising a good amount of cash also!
  8. I'd say that any of the guys who strapped on with a bungy were good blokes and then some.
    My point was that Royal has had some outstanding performances in action poorly rewarded.
  9. Briefly met the Royal Engineer who was involved in the rescue attempt at a Royal Engineers Association event once. Astounding what they tried and achieved. Breathtaking.

    And fantastic achievement from the marine in the Marathon.

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