iPods help stamp out cyclist menace

Discussion in 'Current Affairs' started by Oil_Slick, Nov 29, 2009.

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  1. Before they get round to ipods the police should be sorting out the pestilence of cyclists who have no lights on when it's dark. :evil:
  2. Speaking as the (very) unofficial voice of plod, this'll be right down the list of any officer's priorities. As Finknottle says, lights are a bigger and more considerable issue. If I had time then the biggest cyclist issue I'd be tackling is cycling on pavements which who poses a menace to pedestrians. If cyclists chose to put themselves at risk then so-be-it. It's like I don't waste my time on adults who don't wear seatbelts, they should have been taught from a young age, seen in the highway code and/or seen the countless adverts on tv, if they chose to have the dashboard as their preferred stopping device then that's up to them. There are bigger fish to fry.
  3. If they want to commit suicide by iPod - then so be it.

    The tossers on the pavement at warp speed and expect the pedestrians to jump on the road/grass. Now they piss me off. Inconsiderate two wheeled fcuk pigs. :evil:
  4. Presumably the poor sod in the car easily proved it wasn't his/her fault and the Insurers waived all loss of no claims bonus? Back in the real world, though .......

    If I drove my car while wearing headphones, wouldn't I be stopped and charged with something or other?
  5. Interesting point, they don't seem to take much interest in people with mobile phone earpieces - in fact they encourage it.

    Similarly, those who have music blaring out at deafening levels also seem to be able to do so with impunity - I can't see what legislation would be used to stop a motorist from driving whilst wearing headphones except something along the lines of "driving without due care and attention" or "driving without due consideration for road conditions" but that would be quite a bold move by plod I would venture.

    Having said all that, it would be a bloody stupid thing to do to restict your ability to hear what is happening around you by blocking your peripheral hearing (IMHO) but I have seen worse!

    Anyone have anything to add?

  6. A well timed shove as they fly by works wonders… :wink:
  7. I'd say the difference is that as a cyclist, a lot of your situational awareness should come from your ability to hear (engines, horns, tyres, etc). As a motorist, using your mirrors to check your surroundings is easier. Plus unless your in a convertable you lose a lot of the directional abilities to hear anyway, add that to a radio being on and sound is close to eliminated, but you compensate for that by looking around more, or should do.

    Even more so, consideration should be given to cyclists away from cities, where they could be cycling for miles with no significant traffic or major intersections, where listening to music would certainly be forgiveable. In a large city where traffic is unforgiving, and vehicles whose size and manoeuvrability are not suited to the streets of the conditions then a cyclist should be fully aware of their surroundings.

    I can fully see the logic behind the initiative but I don't think an enforcement route is the way to go. It should be done by education.
  8. I got me a new iPod, yo white boys aint got nutin on us bruvers.
  9. Riding with headphones in has got to be the most retarded idea ever if your near a road. Granted, I will stick my music in if I'm at a specific location (riding dirt trails, skateparks etc) but near a road....no thanks.

    With regards to riding on the pavement, I don't think its a bad idea aslong as common sense is applied and to always give pedestrians the right of way. I ride on the pavement a fair bit when theres traffic about, if theres a pedestrian coming up I either move onto the road (traffic permitting) or slow right down and pass (making them aware of my presence) if there is room.

    Unfortunatly, the majority of people who tend to ride on the pavements are compleate and utter fuckwits and are also the reason why cyclists get such a bad name.
  10. Cyclists should be actively encouraged to wear headphones in heavy traffic, to crank up the volume, to not comply with traffic lights or signs, to cycle without lights and to swerve from pavement to road and back again.

    So long as they are carrying Organ Donor cards I can't see a problem.

  11. What about helmets?
  12. Yes when the "helmets" and hermmers get in the way push them in the road also.
  13. Ever been to Amsterdam....................Fckn nightmare for pedestrians, thought the suicide capital was supposed to be in Switzerland.
  14. Just of a matter of interest, how many bikes (not motor) do you see with mirrors these days?

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