Discussion in 'Bloody Computers' started by witsend, Mar 18, 2012.

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  1. witsend

    witsend War Hero Book Reviewer

    Does this mean I'm one of those apple freaks now?
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  2. Fraid so!!!

    Wifey has one, don't know too much about them as I just plug it into my Mac and it just 'happens'.

    It's definitely a 'let your fingers do the walking' machine.
  3. Best thing is to toddle across to the apple site and click on iPad and go to the Apps bit. Check out the free apps.

    I lied actually when I said I just plug her iPad into my mac. It's all done by magic. Apple call it iCloud but it's plain witchcraft!!
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  4. Tune in radio .... What an app hits non stop from the 50 60 and 70 s lol try ICARNA
  5. I was given a wi-fi/G3 iPad2 for Christmas and it still blows me away with its quality, utilty and versatility.
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  6. Pity he didn't have an English accent!!! With that grey beard, you would have said ,he would have been, an ex matelots lol
  7. Try it in 3D, not only do you see it going in but coming out the other side.
  8. Wits have a look on Amazon for decent cheaper covers, doesn't have to be an Apple one, you might even find a my little pony one.......
  9. Jeez Wits you really are turning into an Apple Geek!

    I still cannot fathom why anyone would want to walk around with something that has more computing power than the first moon shots required in their pocket!

    Him next door keeps raving about them ... you can watch movies on the sofa ... well yes so can I on the fcuking TV! ... and I can take pictures of the kids ... so can I with my camera! So why is everyone going loopy over the things???

    I notice that the new iPad3's tend to heat up to 46C ... tad warm dontchafink???? Oh and all these people with "iPads" and "Kindles" ... the downloading of "erotic novels" has gone sky high ... but is that a reason to fork out £600 on one?
  10. Even the old now non existent Psion's had more computing power than the Apollo missions!!!!!
  11. Very wise.

    Go for redtube instead.
  12. Ipad apps that I can't do without
    skyfire browser (essential for xhampster)
    SG Project
    Love Film (if you have an account)
    Sky Go
    Fifa 12
  13. Wits may I recommend CinXPlayer it is a very good video player and allows me to watch just about every format imaginable unlike the pre installed video player.
  14. I probably just prefer the kindle app because I also have a kindle and also have it on my phone so it means I can share books between devices. I also find that there aren't as many good offers on books from Apple as there are on Amazon.

    Another one I find useful is Audiogalaxy. This allows me to stream the 100 odd gigs of music I have on my PC to the stereo in the living room via the aux input.
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  15. My next step is to obtain the means to mirror my iPad on my TV. Any useful recommendations w.r.t. types of cables/converters and cable(s) vs WiFi? Apple TV looks promising but fairly expensive.
  16. My typo cinexplayer Wits
  17. I said that, it won't last.
  18. Personally I do tend to draw the line at baby porn.

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