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It was recently insinuated on this website that I was someone whom I was not. This was due to us both sharing the same IP address. Could some IT geek please explain why and how this is possible? This would obviously clear up a misunderstanding by some in respect to IP addresses. I am no expert in this matter but I believe it has something to do with static and dynamic addresses.

Many thanks in anticipation

You will of course be talking about a network where you can have a duplicate address for two pieces of hardware and that can cause conflict.

On the internet however it is a practically impossible thing to have. As your ip will be assigned from the range alloted to your isp by your modem, the chances of having a duplicate is nigh on impossible.

What you are meaning is having the IP that someone else used to have. They may have been really naughty and have had blocks put on them all over the world, but when they release that IP, the blocks don't get lifted, so the next person to be assigned that IP could have trouble.

Many thanks for your explanation which I am attempting to inwardly digest. So when you log off your PC the IP address in effect changes when you next log on? As it is merely assigned from a group of IP's assigned to your ISP?

Therefore you could be assigned an IP address that someone else was using in a previous session and it would then appear to others say in an internet forum and reading previous posts that two people had the same IP address? You could also suffer any repurcussions in respect to IP banning undertaken by the previous user of that IP address?

Many thanks
Not really the ip address. What they share on AOL is the proxy server and that I think has now been superceded so AOL users can now be blocked by ip whereas before there were a million IPs from the server so you couldn't block just one to ban a particular user.
Oh yes Lamri
I do use AOL as stated in my RR profile available to the admins! AOL does have some advantages :thumright:

Actually NMC I believe this has not happened yet but will be occurring over the next couple of months or so.

Ah you know more than me!

Now this is a very interesting post...

I also pointed this out to our provider... We deliver over 20MM hits to over 6000 websites each month...

Out of the 20MM or so page visits each month we were receiving about 1MM hits that we would have to replace for our customers coming from 1 of 2 IP addresses:

Then, out of the blue in August - we received close to 7MM duplicates of those IP's... and, started receiving hundreds of thousands of hits each day from them... We were receiving close to 50% of our hits from these 2 IP addresses...!

We called our provider - and, received an explanation about how there must be something wrong with our tracking system and how we receive the IP addresses... (we do this for a living...)

Then, we were told that the system 'masked' the IP addresses being sent to us... (again, we do this for a living...)

Then, we were told that those IP addresses belong to the 'Most Giant Gateway Proxy Server' of AOL - and, everyone in AOL is now using a proxy server for their Internet browsing...

We decided to take this one step further...

One of the problems we were experiencing was our traffic gateway was showing about 200% more traffic than our 'on site' tracking and counter systems on our websites... Which means that wherever those 'ghost hits' were coming from - they were not loading our clients websites...

So, we ran some tests on those IP addresses in our raw server logs - and, noticed that each of them only had 1 user-agent...

Is it not true that the 'end-users' user-agent is still accessible as a global variable...?

Anyway - we now have both of those IP addresses blocked and are not receiving any more hits from them...

We did receive a long explanation from our resellers provider about the AOL gateway... However, if you do a traceroute on either one of those IP addresses - you will see that they end up in Wisconsin... I don't know why RoadRunner or AOL would reroute ALL of their Internet traffic through WI - I would expect them (if they did) to route everything through a gateway that is nearer a main hub... Or, at least - a gateway for each service area...

You can use this tool to do a traceroute on either of those IP addresses:


Or, you can use your command line and do a traceroute from there... Either way, you end up in WI...

Have a nice day
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