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Discussion in 'Motoring' started by Topstop, Sep 28, 2011.

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  1. Found this while bored and nothing happening on here.

    Nasty if you get it wrong, the course is not forgiving.
  2. Got to be space high with confidence in your bikes performance and yourself. I bet there balls weigh a tonne.
  3. 1:33 is Conor Cummins. How he survived hitting a dry stone wall at 150mph is beyond me. Broken left arm, shoulder ligament wrecked, 5 broken vertebrae, 2 shattered, hairline fracture to his pelvis and a shattered knee.

    Part of me is in awe, part of me thinks "morons."
  4. Thanks for that. I thought he must be dead but didnt want to ask.
  5. Them sheep didn't half shit themselves!

    I'm happy just watching, i don't have a need for speed..Great spectacle.
  6. Went to Iom tt last year, top average speed around the route 139 MPH. Could barely get to that speed at my fastest.
  7. I was fortunate to get dicked to carry out fishery protection from Ronaldsway airport during TT week. Kin awesome. The engines don't half interfere with a Sea Kings vhf radios when there a whoopin past below you. The riders are something else. Don't think my Silver Wing would make any record breaking time!!!! (Wouldn't mind trying though.) Evidently, now because of previous years accidents you have to have done a track day and have a chitty signed by track marshalls before being allowed round the iom circuit.
  8. One of the old boys at work does the classic TT on some rickety old death trap. There is a humpback bridge on the course and he has a phot of himself doing the most epic jump over it. You've gotta be mental to do it, but extra mental to do it on an ancient machine with drum brakes.

  9. Mad Sunday a thing of the past then?
  10. Not unless you have a chitty!!!!

    (Signed in the previous 6 months!)
  11. He's a Manxman and a legend. Apparently he held the fastest lap time up until the point he decided to play with the sheep. Unsurprisingly he was racing again this year. A true biking legend and a man who has bigger bollocks than anyone I know. RESPECT.

    Balleugh? **** that.
    Last edited by a moderator: Sep 29, 2011
  12. Agreed. I've tank slapped at 60 and decided to **** it off. These boys are immense.
  13. Was that bigger bollocks than brain? Got a sense of self preservation/ too good an imagination and I dont bounce like I used to.
  14. When I was a kid (60's) there was a bloke in the village who regularly went into the IOM TT on a 1000cc Vincent (Black Arrow??) fecking beast of a bike! Think he ended up wrapping it around a tree somewhere. Can still remember the howl of the damn thing when he wound it up on the coast road near home. Awsome!

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