Involved in a motorcycle accident days before medical...


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Hey guys, just looking for some advice. (I know nobody can say anything 100% but)

To cut a long story short, a car reversed into my motorbike while I was stationary, I fell off.

Ended up damaging my lower back, went to a walk in center and then a GP two days later. They think it's just muscle damage, I've already emailed my careers adviser to let them know this has happened.

I'm due to receive my medical results on Thursday after a paper review.

Could this be a bar to entry now, I'm assuming yes as it's a back injury? :(

Thanks for your help!


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If the injury requires time off work, lasts more than a month or is recurrent (chronic), then it could be an issue with regard medical suitability.

If the injury is serious enough to warrant compensation, then it could also indicate a significant injury.


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I agree with Ninja, but whatever you do ensure you follow medical advice to give yourself the best chance of recovery - your health is your prime concern.
Good luck!


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This reminds me of a dit.

Many years ago I was having a ride of my mates wee 2 stroke, DT175 if I remember correctly. Thing was as rough as hell and the exhaust gasket was blowing. This made it extremely loud and attractive to 17 yr old lads.

I'm in this queue of traffic on a narrow street waiting on the lights changing avoiding drawing the attention of any polis. This car is trying pull out of its driveway and I'm blocking its road. I start rolling the bike back up forgetting that theres another car behind and hit it. Quick as a flash this guys out of his car and going mental at me. I have a wee quick look and see I've caused a couple of minor scratches. I then think to myself 'F' this and drop the clutch.

These were the days when licences, MOT, insurance and road tax were optional, so I never bothered mentioning it to my mate. I joined the navy a few weeks later and have never seen him since.

Stupid dit but I wonder if those scratches ever got sorted?

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