Invisible Tanks in 5 Years

There's a video on youtube showing some Asian guy wearing an invisible suit using the same technique. I always wondered why Thales/Bae and the like didn't jump on it. I'll be surprised if it isn't standard kit in a few years, so much for marpat or whatever it's called.


War Hero
It's a cunning plan I tell thee,

Invisible tanks and ships will replace the existing stock, you just wont see them...but.... they'll be there, 'onest guv.... they'll be cheaper as well.:thumbup:

Bean counters wet dream.
Invisible rig would be ace, you could be adrift, nick everything from stores or just disappear. No-one would know a thing.
Used to do that anyway Wrecks, it was sometimes the last bit that failexed.
Then the Andrew would pay you with invisible money. Well anything over shillings ten.:angry1:

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