Discussion in 'Diamond Lil's' started by BillyNoMates, May 24, 2008.

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  1. 4 lines long. Whoever finishes one - starts the next.

    There was young matelot from Hull..........
  2. ...Who originally came from Mull
  3. The hair on his back
  4. Reached down to his sack, and covered his foreskin too!
  5. The Jossman on HMS Runt
  6. ..married a Pompey munt
  7. She looked like a sackful of spanners, and worked in Joanna's......
  8. and was constantly scratching her...........
  9. ...start a new one then ex.
  10. There once was a whore from the azores
  11. .....Who had flaps like a Vulcans bomb doors.....
  12. With her fanny so deep
  13. ..I fell in and met Michael Moores.
  14. Stoker Stirl met a girl..
  15. ......Who used to be Bob but now called Shirl
  16. Shirl and Stirl walked hand in paw...
  17. .....Who was forever uplifting his shirt....
  18. Which would have been fine until seen on The News at Nine
  19. That he had been arrested and handed a flucking big fine.

    Now Daisey was an upstanding lady of the church
  20. Who fancied the guy from the Munsters called Lurch

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