Discussion in 'Joining Up - Royal Navy Recruiting' started by officerguy, Feb 8, 2010.

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  1. Just thought I'd introduce myself to the community/forum. I'm a bit into the recruitment process at the moment, with the Sift Interview and AIB to get through until I become a fully fledged recruit :) I'm sure I'll have plenty-a-question in the up and coming days before my interview and about navy life. I'm wanting to be a warfare officer, however I'm not entirely sure if I want to be a submariner or join the surface fleet. Hey-ho.
    so: Hi guys (and gals) !
  2. You should try the army then.

  3. Welcome to the site
  4. Welcome.

    Since you have kicked off a Submariner vs General Service thread, may I be the first to say Submariners smell funny and have glow in the dark sperm.
  5. And skimmers are all hermers
  6. It is a lot easier to volunteer submariner than it is to change your mind and go back the other way. If I were you, I would keep my potential submariner aspirations to myself until such time as I was sure I had decided. You will go on a mini SM acquaint at BRNC and can easily volunteer SM right up until the end of SFT (and possibly beyond?). However from what I have been told, any mention of potentially going submariner during the application process could considerably increase the likelihood of you being pinged to do it whether you've changed your mind or not.

    There are very occasional SM acquaint courses run for pre-AIB candidates but again this requires expressing a pretty firm interest.

    Good luck with your sift interview!
  7. Welcome to the site.
    What are your thoughts on chavs & tesco trolley collectors,
  8. haha, chavs? Well, I can't say I like them all that much. *bit* of a blight on the country.

    Trolley collectors....they do an admirable job! Cleaning up after the chavs who can't be bothered putting their trollies back! :p
  9. I don't mean I'm not sure I want to join the navy, Im just trying to decide if I would *rather* surface fleet or submarines. Probably didn't make it clear.

    Thanks everyone for your welcomes :)
  10. Ooh! Are you really going to be an officer? WOW!

    FFS get real! You are a knobber.
  11. Nice attitude, buddy
  12. Ignore him :roll:
  13. Thanks for the advice. Top notch. :salute: :)
  14. Watch my lips: I am not now nor will I ever be your effing buddy!
  15. I shall never get over such a loss :( :wink:
  16. Time of the month for wardy then
  17. Bad day at Rose Cottage.
  18. Yep! Too many sun dodgers squeezing up after shagging old queens ***********. :D

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