Introduction: RN Submariner - Undergraduate Apprenticeship Scheme (UGAS)


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Again, excellent answer. I really appreciate what you do around here.

My thoughts regarding the change at officer came from how it seems you can transfer from GS to Submarines but not the other way around and so, if one wanted to try GS too, the officer stage would be the time (and perhaps only time) to do it I thought.

I'm a little surprised that it's not mentioned anywhere that you either get or could apply for Incorporated Engineer (IEng) status and/or progress to Chartered Engineer status (CEng), as mentioned for some other roles. No worries.

The whole scheme is just incredibly exciting and I'm thinking of grabbing it with both hands. Thanks again!
No worries.

I agree it's a fantastic scheme that seems almost too good to be true...but it is true. I've yet to come across civilian companies (or the Army or RAF) coming close to it.

After you complete your first contract, you can apply to switch to GS, as indeed can most submariners after completing the 5 years Return of Service (RoS).

What many people don't realise is that even if you join as a general service rating or officer, with the exception of Fleet Air Arm, you can be assigned/drafted/appointed to submarines, regardless. I don't think it has happened in recent years but it was certainly happening to most branches as classes neared the end of phase two (branch) training when I joined (early 1980s). IEng & CEng is certainly up for grabs, but not everyone goes for it, so it's an option rather than a designated career path and the career path is pretty detailed & convoluted without mentioning the "add-ons" at the point of entry.

Best of luck.