Introduction of the RT for Officer Candidates

Discussion in 'Current Affairs' started by Booty_Cdt_Sgt, Oct 4, 2006.

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  1. In my application to be a Warfare Officer I was asked to take part in the trial for the RT (pschyometric testing, basic reasoning etc.) being applied to Officer Candidates, it won't affect me as this is in the trial stage and they are looking for correlation between the RT result and the AIB result. (I thought that in joining up- regular tests, signing your life away was a common past time, might as well get used to it!)

    Anyway do you think that the introduction of the RT as a pre-AIB filter is a good idea, or do you think that the AIB is the only place that Officer Candidates should be tested?

    (Unfortunatly though I do not get to find out my RT result, it is sent anonymously to Qinetiq!)
  2. It would be a very good thing, it would not only prove that they had a brain,but more important would prove if they had any CDF
  3. Seadog

    Seadog War Hero Moderator

    Pschyometric testing? Bring it on, for Ratings too. High NAMET (or whatever it has just become) is required for AETs etc. but everyone needs CDF.

  4. Concur with that ----- read my signature :lol: :lol: :lol:
  5. it's probably a money saving exercise, so that they can weed people out at the psychometric stages who aren't up to scratch without paying more money to accomodate and feed them at the AIB for 2-2.5 days, as well as paying for the people sitting on the AIB board.
  6. Makes sense. I have heard of cases where candidates have gone to AIB and failed on the pschyometric testing. Better to know this beforehand and not have to go to AIB in the first place. Hopefully will reduce time taken from application to attending AIB.
  7. I don't agree, AIB is a complex package of assessment and the results need to be assessed in that light. Any past statistics will be based on results achieved in the AIB environment which will never be replicated outside that environment, so testing outside the AIB will not give the same results as testing within the AIB.

    I did my AIB over 40 years ago, and all the prep work I did before hand was reading a few more newspaper for a week or so beforehand. I knew what the rough format was so nothing really phased me there. In part I think the guys who di it are 'proffesionals' and if you have the charateristics they want they will see them so mugging up before hand wont help that much. Very few of the drop outs then were people who could not cut the mustard (one or two were) rather they were people who had been 'encouraged' into the RN by their parents and through the training found the courage to stand up for themselves.

  8. As I understand it, the isssue with pschyometric testing is that if you fail that, you fail the entire AIB, regardless of how good you might perform at the other tasks and have no option of a second chance as the skills being assessed are intrinsic and cannot be developed with training, study etc.
  9. Even so the sore under AIB conditions and under 'other' conditions may well vary, AIB is likely to be much more stressful than the local recuiting office

  10. FlagWagger

    FlagWagger Book Reviewer

    I used to work for a company that used psychometric testing as part of the overall interview process. Candidates were recruited based on their overall performance during a range of assessments, including technical & personnel interviews, presentation & communication skills and their ability to fit socially within the organisation as well as the psychometric tests. No one part of that process was a pass-fail (except perhaps the MD's word!) - in the 6 years that I worked there, I only encountered one recruit who failed my own "CDF test". I think putting pass-fail criteria on psychometric tests which can be variable will not help imporve the quality of AIB candidates in the long run.
  11. As long as they get the grading for the RT tests correct then fine as it will act as a weed prior to AIB and may prevent some of the real mokneys who currently get through AIB (And dartmouth etc) from progressing though to be officers. A test in people skills would be a really good idea - ie this is how you should deal with people, this is how you currently do it, see the difference!!

    It shoud be an addition to what the AIB currently does, it should not replace anything!

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