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Discussion in 'The Corps' started by Kiwi, Nov 1, 2006.

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  1. Hi, I'd like to ask for some tips and advice on getting ready to join the RMs. Also any information on the life once passing the 32 week course.

    Cheers from down under.

    - Edited so its nice and short with minimal spelling/gramatical errors as the last one was written without even reading over it before I hit 'submit' -
  2. Ye don't bother if your grammer is anything to go by you won't pass the entrance exam.
  3. haha, nah im just a lazy typist.
  4. Lazy is not a word normally associated with a Royal.
  5. Make sure you get to M&S to buy your dress and accessories, cross dressing is mandatory. Also, practice your spelling; I've heard the test is a bitch!
  6. Welcome Kiwi good luck in your quest to become a bootneck.
    As an ex matelot I don't have much advise on how to get into the RM but If I was you I would practice standing in a queue as when we had marines embarked onboard they would always form massive queue's (NAAFI,SCRAN), even if you stopped to polish brightwork in the passage about 6 or 7 bootnecks would form a queue behind you.
  7. In all seriousness I can spell and type perfectly fine. Im half-way through an IT degree at the local university at the moment so I cant be a total idiot.

    And dont worry outside of typing I am deffinitly not lazy, working 15+ hours a day 6-7days a week just to earn money to get over there.

    Anyway, thanks for looking at this. I really appreciate any input.
  8. Do you play any misical instruments? :roll:

  9. What like a one eyed piccalo? :roll:
  10. Alright Kiwi

    Im currently training to become a Royal Marine Reservist, so can offer you what little knowledge I have. There are however some serving and ex-bootys on this site that are cracking blokes - they can no doubt offer you better advice based on experience.

    Firstly, I dont know your current level of fitness/size/build etc so I will give you general advice. Lets start with your resistance training - I personally have stopped lifting weights and wont start again until after the course. Instead I focus on bodyweight exercises (push-ups, pull-ups, sit-ups handstand shoulder-press, dive bombers etc) these exercises coupled with intense circuit training, will provide you with a body thats "combat fit" for the rigours of commando training.

    Secondly, Running is the key!! Vary your runs to include cross country, distance, fast runs, hill sprints etc. Fartlek is a great method of training that I strongly recommend.

    Walk in the hills with a daysack/bergen and boots. This will accustom your body to carrying weight and your feet to wearing boots. DONT run or carry crazy loads though, as you dont want to get injured!! Just a leisurely stroll with maybe 30lbs and gradually up the distance.

    Prepare for the cold!! Daft as it sounds, your obviously from a much warmer climate than here and as a Royal Marine Recruit, be prepared to be constantly cold and wet (probably whilst your tired and hungry too) This can be really de-moralising and causes some Recruits to jack it in. If you over here prior to starting your Recruit Troop, get a few weekends roughing it in the outdoors under your belt, so you know what to expect.

    Smile and be happy!!. Mate your travelling halfway across the world to join the Royal Marines. No matter how bad it gets, cold it gets, tired or pissed off you are, smile, keep your mates smiling and dig deep. Remember why your here and how much you want it. It will all be worth it in the end and tomorrow can be as bad as today :wink:

    Good luck and let us know how you get on.

    (sorry for the length of this post people - Im still half pissed from last night :D )
  11. Cheers Spenny.

    Yeah I love the outdoors, my father and I go out to the mountains every so often. Usually for several days at a time so I have a general feel for going it rough and walking in boots with a large pack.

    I plan to head over mid next year so that should give me sometime over there to get use to the climate and continue training.

    Can you give me some more info on Fartlek? I have never come across this term/method.

    Thanks again for the advice.
  12. Christ ....

    Kiwi .... read Gunz_45 ....... You are either a fag or Andym in another guise .... (It's a girl by the way!)

    For fucks sake, get off & get real.

    P.S Thank you Gunz.

  13. Oi,Milky,I resemble that remark! :lol:

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