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Discussion in 'Joining Up - Royal Navy Recruiting' started by OMM, Nov 12, 2012.

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  1. OMM

    OMM War Hero


    First time post on here, i'm currently 20 years old and have my selection interview in about 1 months time.
    I only just decided on WE as my career choice after completing most of selection for the RM. I had a change of heart on that choice and changed branches with my AFCO last week choosing WE as my trade of choice.

    lucky enough I will only need an update interview rather than repeating the selection again, what I wanted to ask was is there any current WE or anyone who can give me some information/ answers on the following. I have done alot of searching but remain not fully sure on the answers of the following, any help will be much appreciated:

    -Breakdown of the 10 weeks Basic
    -Breakdown of the 5 months professional/ trade training
    -The types of ship you can work on as a WE (I presume any?)
    -Where you can be based as a WE
    -What the PRNC consists of

    Thank you
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  2. You missed out "use of the search function".
  3. OMM

    OMM War Hero

    You missed out 'Helpful response', I'm currently fighting my way through page after page via the search function.
  4. Just type in PRNC, mine WAS a helpful response. Your questions have been asked and answered countless times.

    Wait until the nasty people turn up!
  5. OMM

    OMM War Hero


    I'm a regular user of a different navy forum, just getting to terms with this one. Still would be handy to get any tips or what not, my interview will also be conducted by a serving WE so I will have to know my stuff.

  6. I can answer 2 of them (even if I was an ME)

    Type of ship you serve on (and submarine)....all of them
    Where can you be based......anywhere.
  7. OMM

    OMM War Hero

    thanks for that, I thought as much.

    Will just have to go through all my notes and check up on current ops.
  8. Wot!!! There are nasty people on here! I'm stunned - shocked even.

    Now to answer the posters query.

    Use the 'Search' function. Please. (See - I'm not the nasty one!!!!):sunny:
  9. I've used the search function several times and this response seems to have occurred 3,483 times, with only very minor variations.

    Not that I find it boring or anything.
  10. OMM

    OMM War Hero

    I've answered most questions, thanks anyway
  11. Not totally true if you
    become a submariner (good choice) you will find it difficult to get an overseas
    shore draft? Reason is submariners are too expensive as the CO of shore base has
    to pick up SM pay so a general service WE are cheaper from the skimmer fleet.

    Another young hopeful that needs a response now, and not later, the heart of
    research seems to be lost on the text it or Google it generation, if not
    instantly available panic, not nasty, it's too early just a pragmatic
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  12. Also note there are skimmer WE drafted to Faslane
  13. OMM

    OMM War Hero

    Cheers guys.

    Also in reference to the 'observation', being the generation that has been brought up with these services available to me it would be a shame to not take advantage of them, after all that's what they're there for.

    Technological advancement and all that aside, thanks for the links and such. I'm pretty confident for it.
  14. What so you can inefficiently use them to not find information that is readily available, andthus piss of other people who have taken the time to enhance modern technologyand understand how it works? Or are youstill in the mode of if I am slow and cock up someone else will get pissed offwith you and do it for you? The Navy will call you a free loading loafingBarstwared and you will be treated accordingly, if you ever get in with a lazyattitude. Yeh had a crap nights sleep but up and firing on all CCT’s now
    Last edited: Nov 16, 2012
  15. OMM

    OMM War Hero


    Yet I wouldn't judge my character to be lazy or unreliable on the basis of me not making the most of the search function when I made the thread as an introduction and thought I might as well include some questions more specific to my needs in the off chance that someone on this 'forum' may reply to a question being asked, after all it is a forum!!

    Pissing people off? Well, easily wound up then as questions on a forum are a regular occurrence. Anyway thanks but no thanks sumo, cheer the **** up!
  16. I like the attitude particularly against a spanner [email protected] (ME), you stick to your guns.
  17. Not sure who that is aimed at I could have been called a limp wristed pinky faggot? But greenie is what i was pre and post EBD never a Purple?
  18. Sorry Sumo I now realise this isnt Lills however the guy does seem to have some spine as opposed to some of the limp wristers that post.
  19. RabC
    Basically there are ways to ask questions
    Mention the knowledge you already have, so people will know if they can or cannot help, and not waste their time.

    Ask questions which will further this knowledge, and that the asker will follow up on leads/links given themselves

    Not I was going to be an RM but changed my mind so can you tell me:-

    Breakdown of the 10 weeks Basic
    -Breakdown of the 5 months professional/ trade training
    -The types of ship you can work on as a WE (I presume any?)
    -Where you can be based as a WE
    -What the PRNC consists of

    Questions his recruiter could have easily answered if he had asked or stayed around long enough to ask.
    IMO his first post came across as I have changed my mind need some info where can I get this without doing much work?

    Got a spine? May be or cocky little gobshit possibly who knows?

    Touchy possibly, not my style but I do not suffer fools easily or people I believe to be taking me for a ride.

    Lives too short to get wound up, just say it as it is and those that do not like the truth so be it.

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