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Discussion in 'The Gash Barge' started by littlelou-ox, Dec 3, 2009.

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  1. Hiya im new to all of this Im Louise, and im 18 from London essex :) dont obviously know anyone here but if yourd like to leave ur names etc or wanna add me on fbook, My user name is little lou boorman :) Hope everyones ok on this shitty morning!!!

  2. Must............resist........................
  3. must resist what exactly?? lol

  4. me too is this for real
  5. You actually look quite fit in your Facebook profile pic.

    I'd smash ya.

    Lucky girl.
  6. Ok ok. I will be first....

    Got any tit picks??
  7. On way with cheese wire.
  8. Ermmmmm thanks :$ loool !! and i would be a lucky girl in what way exactly :p?
  9. I agree with that.

    I wouldn't kick you out of bed for shitting :wink: !
  10. so im gettin called fit and whatever. so why no add hey? Hmmm
  11. this has got to be a wind up
    if not ive got my coat hanger and a bottle of vodka on standby
  12. Can I sh1t in your mouth?
  13. I am essence, ladies queue up just to catch a whiff of my kebab and rum soaked morning breath.

    You may jump the queue if you wish.

    What Regiment is your bro in by the way?
  14. i'll pass on that one
  16. Last time I added a stranger who was "fit" the little chinese bitch spammed me to death with fake credit card scams.

    I will however give you the benefit of the doubt, as I currently have a project.
  17. fair enough LOl. his in the 4 rifles he was critcally injured in afghan in sept and flown home
  18. We are steely eyed dealers of death hun (well I am, the other fckers are in the navy :p ), and facebook is below us. You may pm on here if you want, although I warn you I am an ugly mentalist with alarming genitalia
  19. Sorry to hear that. Best of luck to him.
  20. Out of interest, how many of the 451 friends that you have on facebook, how many do you actually know???

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