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Discussion in 'Joining Up - Royal Navy Recruiting' started by thebigredman, Jun 8, 2008.

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  1. Hi everyone, i thought i'd start this up.

    My name is Reda (yes it is unusual, a brief explanation then, I was born Benjamin but then my mom married an egyption so he gave me a change of name when i was about 8 months old to Reda, pronounced Red-uh, simple as), im 25, just applied to be an aircraft handler, been told theres an 18 month waiting list but i'll wait it out, gives me time to improve on fitness etc, sent off my SC/CTC and application forms (god i hope i've filled them out correctly as it took ages to do! what a pain) so really at the moment i'm just waiting to go in for the phsycometric test, medical, fitness, etc.... cant think of anything else


  2. hey im elliott im 16 :p
    recently applyed for the navy pass rt test got my interview next monday just cant wait to join up :p
  3. Hey,

    I'm Sam, 18 years old, applying to join as a logistics officer, got my first interview in two weeks, already passed my psychometric test and looking forward to getting an AIB date. I'm certain I want to join the navy and if I failed my AIB I'm going to keep trying or eventually join as a rating.

  4. cool cool, i myself cant wait to get in......its gonna be good! i love the idea of working as a team, plus ive been told the mates you make are second to none. cant wait!
  5. Hi im serena, 18 years old, currently waiting for an AIB date, going to AIB as a warfare officer whoop whoop.
  6. the_matelot

    the_matelot War Hero Moderator


    I'm t_m and I'm 28. I've been in the mob 11 years now and I should really know better by now. But I don't! :D

    Very true. Although I'd watch out for Ninja-Stoker. Don't trust him-his eyes are set too close together ;)
  7. Ninja-stoker, right i'll keep my eye out for him! lol! glad everyones gettin introduced.....
  8. Hi, I'm Sophie, 21yrs old... applied last month to become a chef, went for the RT, which I passed, and was told to rethink my job choice to something more mentally challenging, so now am preparing to interview on the 30th June for Warfare Specialist... really hoping to get in this side of christmas - fingers crossed because I can't wait =)
  9. lol sophie im basically in the same possision as u atm :p
    i got my interview on the 16th and im also going for warfare specialist :p
  10. Cool...keep me updated and I shall for you! Have you been for your eyesight test yet?
  11. I did on thursday, took my results straight to my AFCO which was round the corner from the opticians, and now got my interview in 2 days :S just chucking as much info in as possible right now!
  12. Now see - whether or not your brain requires some sort of mental challenge - for what its worth, if you want to be a chef, be a chef. Warfare specialist is a completely different trade. You must have had a reason for wanting to be a chef in the first place. Think carefully about what you want to do. I'm not having a go - it's just that once you are in, the rules are 'there are no branch changes'. Don't be too swayed by what other people think you should be - just do what you want to do - NOW is the only time you can do that, once you're in, you do as you're told.
    Good luck.
  13. yea like warship last night, the girl who wanted to change from warfare officer to logistics officer, she could not as the guy told her that everybody finds times boring and if everybody got what they wanted there would not be enough people in certain branches. The price on training as well said its alot of money to train people too so they do not want to waste it.
  14. Hi, I'm Ben, 23 years old and applying for aircrew and warefare officer. Passed the RT test on the 16th of May and I'm now waiting anxiously for the OCLC to get in touch and arrange an interview etc. I've been reading the website for a few months now - Keep up the good work everybody.
  15. I'm Chris, 25, currently living in Manchester, but about to relocate to Cornwall where my better half just got a job as a vet nurse. Once down there I'm going to start up my application process, with the aim of becoming a CT. The delay in starting things has been mostly down to the fact I didn't want to half and half it between the Manchester/Redruth AFCOs, plus I've been taking the extra time to work on my fitness.
  16. FFS this feels like a NWA - navy wannabees anonymous

    anyway here goes

    hi im shagshacker and i like planes.
  17. Ninja_Stoker

    Ninja_Stoker War Hero Moderator

    Hi everyone,

    Take no notice of "The Matelot", he's just a big fibber who's just jealous of my animal magnetism.

    It's no fun having squirrels, aardvarks & ferrets strangely attracted to me, I can tell you....
  18. yea i had my eyesite test the day of my rt test :p
  19. sgtpepperband

    sgtpepperband War Hero Moderator Book Reviewer

    "Hello everyone. My name is Sgtpepperband, and I'm a Regulator..." :evil:

    (Actually I'm a professional footballer for Scumhamton FC but I'm too embarrassed to admit it...) :oops:
  20. Hi all im gin for air crew, got my FAT's on the 7th and 8th of July, just wondering if anyone else out there who reads this has their FAT's on the same date?! If you do let me know!!!

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