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Discussion in 'Joining Up - Royal Navy Recruiting' started by Yannis, Jun 30, 2007.

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  1. There it was - a scorching hot afternoon, staying in out of the sun with only the P.C. & a cold beer for company !
    Found this site & nostalgia kicked in ! Twenty seven years out of the "mob" & how time flies. Quick intro:-
    Joined at Raleigh 65 - left from Cochrane 1980 - Oh ! - the bit in the middle - Sultan, London, Sultan, Manxman, Ark Royal, Portland, Sultan,
    Glamorgan, Neptune. There it was fifteen years just like that!
    After life - with a firm of consulting enginers for ten years, then fifteen with a global insurer as staff engineer.
    After-afterlife - took redundancy at age fifty five, now three years ago - retired to Greece - so far living happily ever after, doing mostly what I did in service - avoiding work as much as possible, drinking the same way & playing with boats.
    Glad to be aboard.
  2. Cracking Yannis, Welcome aboard mate :)
    Always nice to see people here that actually know what they are talking about :D
  3. Cheers Lamri.......... Errrrm. would never ever think I knew what I was talking about !!
    Nice bum by the way (was going to say arse, but thought it might be against forum rules ?)
  4. Yannis:

    Yassoo and parakaloh (hope that's close).
    Welcome to the world of reminiscing, mud-slinging and all things in between. BBD
  5. Arrse is for pongos. Welcome Yannis, a nice life you've got there
  6. bbd - that'll do for starters, we will continue with the Grammar & the conjugating of verbs at a later stage - meanwhile it's usefull to know we Brits usually just talk slower & louder, to enable the "Natives" to understand us.

    Hi Harry off the Herpes - sorry for the error !
  7. Welcome Yannis. Not thought about coming back to Blighty?
  8. We do come back once a year to see the sproggs - don't like it much !
  9. [​IMG]

    This Avatar ring a bell ?? (heh heh...) - Sorry... old Intel gathering habits die hard!

    Psssttt want an Oatcake?

    (Hope I'm not barking up the wrong tree here)
  10. You bad old sea dog you ! - that's what you get for perving other sites !
    No secret here ! - the Staffordshire oatcake, my recipe for imortallity !
    Sorry - but I'm afraid that now you will have to die !!!
  11. Got us all interested now BBD!! Care to share your findings with us?

  12. SF/Yannis:-

    All I did was cut'n' paste first two words of the location into Google!

    Only one hit came back! Job done! :w00t:
  13. BBD - Phew ! Had me worried there !
  14. No problem mate. Welcome aboard. :boogie:
  15. Gia sou esie kala, ola eivie kala? Daxi?

    Ha, welcome John, how are you?

    It's Gia sou if a capital at the front and yasou without the capital. Paracalou or something like that.
  16. Hello Yannis,

    Welcome on board. Take it you were a 'clanky' from your service record? Even so, wish I was there sinking an ice-cold Mythos with you instead of looking at the latest downpour back here. Watch out for those brush fires, now!
  17. Gia sou Tzenni mou - olla poli endhaxi etho mazi mou, sas efxharisto yia tn filoxenia sas kai eemai xaroumenos yia eemai mazi sas.
    Hate phonetics - but might seem pretentious to use Greek alphabet !
    Thanks Jenny, it's been a while, but now have time to catch up with things & am interested to know if & how you have all managed to cope in my absence !!! How's life on the "Big Island?" It was bloody hot here until recently - 46-48c. Still....... get me used to the next afterlife eh ?
  18. Cheers Naval G - Having one of the very same right at the minute. Ahh - the ice cold nectar, a bite but not bitter, by golly I'll have another !
    Yes Clanky through & through - a "Steamy" though, don't suppose many will know what that stuff was now ?
    Waterlooville eh - don't know a Tom (Wiggy) Bennett - ex PRI around those parts do you ? used to be a good oppo.
  19. I'll be having a couple of San Migs at my sailing club shortly and will raise a glass in your direction.

    Even as a seaman, I spent time on the plates tending Y100s during training. Superheated steam at 550 deg and 425 psi, or was it the other way round?

    Sorry, but I don't know your old mate Wiggy. I haven't dared show my face at the local RNA since I won two of the top three prizes in the Fri night meat raffle during an introductory visit a couple of years ago :silent: .
  20. To be honest, it wouldn't make a difference to me Yannis lol I can understand a little in greenglish and the alphabet lol

    It's hot here to 41c but the humidity is rising! I heard crete was around 47 the other day!

    But you write in Greek, I'm writing a Cypriot version, so may take me a few minutes to adjust lol

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