Intresting question on my UCAS form

OK maybe not the site to be discussing this but would still value input,

question is as follows

national identity (UK applicants only)*
Please select...

dual national identity (UK applicants only)
I prefer not to say
Not applicable/not required (default

My first reaction was to put English for the first and British for the second, or should I just go for English, or the safe bet prefer not to say. Don't want to get to any interview and they try and turn the question against me or into something political

Second one says

occupational background (UK applicants only)*
If you are under 21, please give the occupation of your parent, step-parent or guardian who earns the most. If he or she is retired or unemployed, give their most recent occupation. If you are 21 or over, please give your own occupation.

Not sure weather to put job before having child ( NAAFI bar worker!) or home maker or single mother scabbing off society?


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