Intrepid first Commish

Discussion in 'History' started by Polycell, Jun 14, 2007.

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  1. I was on Intrepid (LPD not the other one!) first commish 67 /68 paid for a commisioning book but flew home from Singas before it was published. Has anyone got one they'd sell me - please?
  2. I was also on the first commish of Intrepid,had a commisioning book but after many moves cant find it, However if you paid for it ,Royal Mail could still deliver as its only 39 years ago
    ,some folk are too impatient
  3. They never bloody sent it.
    Where you a greenie on the Intrepid?
  4. Most certainly was joined in Clydebank ,SW/bd w/keeper for first 6months/ 25 Mess (I think)flew home Dec68 from Singas
  5. Small world I was in 23 mess should have joined at Clydebank but joined on sea trials in Portland. I flew home from Singas in December 68.
    When I joined Ben Benson was the killick of the mess (23 mess) /He picked hois POs rate up and I became killick of the mess. Fred Fox, Taff Bradshaw, Bernie Pearson, Taff Leyshon Scouse Freeman, Scouse Darcy, Foxy Fowler etc in our mess.
    Seemed to remember Dave Barraclough, Fess Parker, Rick Knapman, Keith Blenkharn(sorry spelling is wrong!) Tick Tickner, Barney Barnes, Bagsy Baker need I go on where in 25 mess. The H switchboard was underneath your mess one side and the boiler room was the other.
  6. hi polycell you got the spelling of Blenkharn right! That's my dad. Only last week looking at Intrepid still sat there in the harbour and said to my girlfriend that my old man was on its first commish.
  7. whereabouts can you view intrepid im visiting pompey soon and intrepid was my last ship it would be nice to have a look i know she is tied up next to fearless but thats all i know
  8. Take the boat trip from Gunwharf Quays.
  9. thanks mate ill do just that
  10. Hope you father is still OK , I had the bunk underneath him ( or very close by, small messspace) and remember him from the first commish, ( I was Tik Tickner) ( still am surprisingly)
  11. there both just tied up at a bhoy out in the harbour surrounded by a few old 42s just rotting away. If you take a dockyard tour im pritty sure they go out quite close to them.
  12. thanks danny ill def take a butchers hook
  13. Hi again Tik. Unfortunately my dad died nearly 7 years ago of a heart attack. Even in hospital he joked and blamed the fish finger sandwiches and babies heads! Take care!
  14. I had heard that from another source
    I am sorry to hear that I have a photo of us ashore in Singas in '68 its packed away at the moment but I'll dig it out after our move and post it to you.

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