Discussion in 'Joining Up - Royal Navy Recruiting' started by joe_145, Jan 12, 2012.

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  1. Hi all, just got my interview date today, for the 25th january. Just wondering if anyone that has done one recently has got any advice or tips?

    Cheers in advance
  2. mines 24th, i'm going for AET too, down cornwall, what about you?

    dress smart, suit and tie :)
  3. Turn up on time and in the right place is a start, sober as well.
  4. Top button of your shirt!
  5. Mine is in Bristol mate, nervous as hell.
    Staying sober?? They never mentioned that on the phone??
  6. Yeah just done mine, wear samrt clothes, i was wearing a suit, seemed to do the trick but also go on the mod website. everything you need is on there, just do abit of research and try and remember it, with this you should be fine and pass with ease.
  7. Cheers mate, yeh in doing a bit of research now for it. Hopefully I'll be alright when it comes. Take it you passed yours? What you applying for?
  8. congrats super sport..

    yh nervous too, alot rides on it really. just going my home work on pay, leaving times, training times ect.... any other topics to look at?

    you had a long wait between your RT and medical! at i guess mine is about 6 months apart, maybe less?
  9. Are you Reading up On types of ships and weapon systems aswell? Yeh seems a lot is resting on it, don't want to have come this far and then mess it up.
    Dunno why there was such a gap between my RT and medical, seems that everyone else had there's fairly close together. When did you sit your RT?
  10. my recruitment office just said to know that if any i'll be based on frigates and bigger.... did say to look into much else, i've done some visits to culdrose and know some nerdy facts on merlins (which i'd like to go for)....
    how about you?

    Aug 2011, 5months ago?
  11. I rang the afco to book an interview date, last week, because I hadn't heard from them since I passed my PJFT in October. I just presumed they would call me up when they wanted to interview me. I presumed wrong.
    They just said to me to know pay scales, training times, establishments and current affairs involving the RN. I'm not to sure what I'd like to go for, maybe lynx??
    Have you read ninja_stokers thing on the interview? Very good!
  12. i think i'll read up current affair then also...

    that'l be yeovil then for lynx.

    yh got that copied and pasted along with some other useful stuff!

    i'd been waiting for them to call me..... and they did sure enough. variation between AFCO's maybe?
  13. Yeh I'm subscribed to navy news,so I'm hoping that will cover me.
    Yeah it's probably that all the afcos work differently, and suppose depends how many applicants there dealing with. Have you heard how long the wait time is recently?
  14. was 24 months when i took my RT and i was told 26 a little while back... unsure if that means that people who apply now have 26 and i still have 24 from my Rt or what..... 2 months is nothing in the grand scene though i guess...
    but when your sat waiting, curiosity is a bastard! :)
  15. Yeh exactly mate, Im not holding my breathe but kinda hoping that this year is the year. Working on building sites everyday is doing my nut! To be fair though the last 17 months Ive been waiting have flown in!
  16. tell me about it, you pick a job to tide you over, knowing something better is in the pipeline is a killer :)

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