hey guys i'm new to the site. I have my interview aswel as my medical and pjft in inverness on 8th and was wondering for those that have done the interview, how was it for you and what kinda questions you get asked? As you can probably imagine I am quite nervous for it but if I have an idea what will be asked then i can be more prepared :)

Thanks in advance
Also, get a good nights sleep the night before hand so you can be up and ready well in advance. If you are feeling nervous on the day then load up one of your favorite comedy clips on youtube or something and have a laugh. Kills the nerves straight away.

Make sure you have a brush up on the details of your Job and the training you will be doing. Naval history (especially Trafalgar and other key dates etc), terms and conditions of service, Ranks in the navy and current operations/affairs will help too. Best of luck

And rest for a few days before the fitness test so you are at your best
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well I have to re-apply in November due to depression last year but looking on the bright side at least it gives me alot more time to prepare :D
Like all the others said don't worry too much about the interview it's mostly for your careers advisor to find out a bit more about you. They will ask about your school life, home life, what you like to do in your free time etc. Also try to have a think about what examples you have that you have shown leadership as that will most probably come up.

Other than that have a look at your chosen trade and learn what you do, the training pipeline and why you want to go in for that trade.

Hope this helps! :)
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