Discussion in 'Joining Up - Royal Navy Recruiting' started by Kal_Stu, Sep 24, 2010.

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  1. Goodevening, guys and gals. Ok I know I have asked this already but hopefully some of the questions I asked will get answered if I start it as a new topic. Ok A few quick question. As stated above have my interview in 2 weeks and 2 days :) quite excited just as it's another part done.

    Anyways my mum (am 17 by the way) wants to come to the interview with me as support (obviously not actually in the interview) is that alright? Or would it be bette just going myself?

    This is just me being certain that I have the right information, there is not any other interviews after the selction one is there? I could be wrong there.

    Will I need to know about boats as am not going for subs or do they expect you have a little knowledge on boats even if your going surface fleet?

    I have look through the main threads (post by ninja very helpful thank you) for the interview and this is what I have learned from different sites ect. The name of the first and second sea lords, the types of ships, where both phases of training are and how long they last what to kind of expect there ect, rates of pay during training and after (is it the same pay through both phases of training?) sorry if that sounds a bit of a dumb question, how long you need serve for before you can leave this includes the bits about when you can leav at training, I know the rank structure for a rating (will i need officers rank structure aswell) I learned the fitness requirements and what are expected an a tiny bit on global operations and what they navy are doing at the moment will that be enough or do is there anything I am missing?

    Thanks for any advice always appreciated.
  2. If your mum really wants to go to your interview, then let her, she needs to be aware that she will just sit in reception. if you don't want ther to go, then be man enough to tell her. In honesty most parents who come to my office, pop off for a coffee and arrange to meet the candidate later.

    There is so much info on interviews available on here already that I'm not going to waste my fingers again. Just research your job, training and terms and condidtions of service (Pay, leave and contract)

    Best of luck


  3. Really? :sad1:
  4. No you are correct i said that at the start when i reposted it

    Thanks for the advice on my mum. Yeah i found a lot of the information, thats why i posted what i know and i was just wondering if that was enough.

    Really what?

    Thanks anyways

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