Discussion in 'Joining Up - Royal Navy Recruiting' started by speppy2316, Jun 7, 2010.

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  1. awesome i just got the phone call from the AFCO for my interview which is going to be done next wednesday at 14:00hr. 8O
  2. Excellent I've just spent myself

    What would you like us to do now?
  3. Which AFCO is it? I'm free next Wednesday, I might rock up pretending to be you.
  4. witsend

    witsend War Hero Book Reviewer

  5. There seems to a competition for COTW already.
    First Raffer, then JK93 and now this, and it's only Monday. Should be a good week :D

  6. That's good!

    OK then, get cracking with your preparation!

    Read your interview thread, as discussed, especially the crucial Ninja post.

    Buy Navy News at W H Smith.

    Check this out:
  7. lolz chatham AFCO :D
    i have been told that i need to reserch on some keys areas

    they are ;
    pay - currently in my interview folder
    leave - currently in my interview folder
    ships - in the process of creating a chart
    where the ships are - (need help)
    also when the point of leaving training is and how much time for my notice i have to give- (this i really need help on)
  8. Chatham is my AFCO! :D
  9. if i am correct, (please correct me if im not) up untill the end of phase two you need to give 2 weeks notice, after phase two you are then contractually obliged to give one yrs notice.
  10. When you walk through the gates of Raleigh you will have until you sign your "contract" to change your mind (normally done within the first 24 hours).
    After that you have 4 weeks where you can not leave by your own choice (you can still be discharged for various reasons including Unsuitable During Training).
    4 weeks - 6 months is your PVR window where you can decide to leave if the Navy turns out not to be for you.
    After the 6 months point you need to give a return of service. The amount of return of service depends on what branch you are in, but is normally 4 years from completion of training. After your 3rd year of service you can leave by putting in a years notice.

    Slightly different rules apply for those under 18.
  11. I have my interview next Tuesday, will they tell me at the end of it whether i have been accepted or will they let me know in due course?

    Also, the letter they sent confirming the interview never arrived, so i called them up and they told me over the phone when it would be. I have already taken all the relevant documents in to be photocopied during the RT, is there anything i need to take to the interview specifically?

  12. Just the fact that he said. ' Lolz ' Fills me with great sadness :roll:

    On the plus side, as wrecker said. This should be a good week :D
  13. lol same point as me :D
    i would create a folder with all in the information you require, for example information ton the breach you would like to join, the rank structure, pay and leave information, basic facts about the RN anything you cant think of that they would ask a question about put it in there (it also shows that you have done research)
  14. sorry computer nerd habit trying to kick it :wink:

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