Discussion in 'The Fleet Air Arm' started by geordie_dan, May 22, 2010.

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  1. Hi all, got my interview. Air Engineering Technician.
    Could anyone give me any pointers as to what i'm gunna be asked for example or any general hints??
    Cheers in advance. Dan.
  2. Dan

    Check out this thread, especially the sixth post in it, the vital one by Ninja Stoker.

    Know about the RN's aircraft, today and in the future ..........

    Where might you work as an AET? Where on land? And at sea? Name some ships on which you might be working.

    Know a bit about the submarines as well, just in case.

    Have an idea about how planes and helicopters fly.
  3. Soleil, pretty much covered everything, Best of luck in your interview.
  4. cheers for the pointers, hope i do well :D
  5. Be sure to know about your training pipeline.

    Where is Basic Training? For how long?

    Phase 2 - where? How long?

    And then?
  6. Thank you. I'm pleased that you found it useful.
  7. Dan

    Browse through Navy News before the interview.

    You've probably been given a copy by your AFCO.
  8. cheers m8. big help
  9. Presumably, a bit more effort on basic grammar and a little less text speak may also help your cause if you’re required to fill out any forms after the interview. :roll:

    Good luck anyway.

  10. haha, obviously. Don't worry, my English is exemplary when it needs to be. :)
  11. Dan. Check your Personal Message bin.
  12. Dan,

    As an aside, what's your position on working with a variety of different people? I only ask because of your BNP profile pic. I'm not sure how serious or informed you are about it's policies, but no racist views/prejudices/actions are tolerated at all in the RN or the other Services. If you don't think that the BNP is racist, then do some research into their policies.

  13. oh look, a can of worms....
  14. Don't waste your time, he won't listen.

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