Discussion in 'RMR' started by aeduigenan1, Dec 15, 2009.

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  1. i've just passed the PJFT, however was wondering what questions they may ask during the final parts of the interview??
  2. Why just the final parts of the interview. Surely all questions are important.
  3. Ninja_Stoker

    Ninja_Stoker War Hero Moderator

    Ah, he's thinking of the "Columbo Technique" where, just as you are about to leave, we ask: "Oh, nearly forgot, just one more thing..." and slay them with a crippler.

    It never fails - they always confess to the murder. :wink:
  4. The "killer question" eh?

    "So Mr Snodgrass, I know you will be well aware of the Royal Navy Equality and Diversity policy and we will duiscuss that in a minute but first; can you tell me the last time you shat yourself on a run ashore?"
  5. RM final interview question "Dior or Yves St Laraunt?" Think very hard as your reply will mean the diference between acceptance or being passed on to the RAF Reg.
  6. Is the answer: "Neither, because I prefer the dusky smell of an oppo's piss drenched over my naked body"?
  7. No straight to the Army AFCO man if that trips off your lips.
    The proper response is of course " What and look a [email protected]@f? Got to be Valentino this season, Colours!"
  8. Forgive me, I thought it was an aftershave question. Stumbled at the first hurdle there mucker :oops:
  9. And that explains your Cap Badge! :wink: :lol:
  10. Say again all after "and", over..... Ah sod it, I'll put the kettle on a watch some porn :D
  11. NATO Standard, ta.
    Threesomes, BDSM, Lezzers, Shemales or Grenadier Guards?
  12. i meant the types of questions they ask about the Royal Marines.

    Fixed it for you, get it right please. NZB
  13. Ah, got you. :roll:
    What does RM Training involve?
    Role of the Corps?
    Name the Units. Where are they based. What can the Units expect to be doing in the near future?
    Weapons and other kit used by the Corps?
    Rank structure?
    Likely career progression?
    All this information is available on the Official RM pages of the RN Website, have a look.
  14. thanks alot! would you recommend the prmc course at liverpool? (i'm not from liverpool though ha) However i'm tryng to become an officer, but i'd think it would be important
  15. If you want to go RMR you'll have to enter as a Recruit and pass out as a Marine prior to going for a Commision, so my take on it would be you'ld have to do the PRMC.
    It's not a bad idea to be prepared to do it as it gives you a workable goal to work towards and as long as your fitness is good and you're prepared to try your best in all you're asked to do whilst on course you should do OK, it's not impossible just hard. It will also give you the opportunity to see if the Corps is really for you.
    Speak to your AFCO Bod about your options, have you thought about trying for a Regular Commission?
    What are your circumstances?
    It will take massive commitment on your part to pass out with the RMR, from go to whoa you're looking at at least 18 Months of Training before you get your Green Lid.
    Best of luck.
  16. in my last year of a levels, but was considering going to university first and go in after graduating.
    yeah i spoke to someone at a recruiting office after my PJFT and said to choose either reserve or POC (prior to my interview which I'll be notified about soon). i put on my application POC. As i do want to be an officer.
    If i pass my interview what happens after it? would it be the 3 day course at lympstone or is it different for POC?
  17. As I served during the Crimean War or was it the Boer one? (It all becomes hazy at this time of day for me, it's O dark 30 in NZ and I should be in my pit but I'm watching some documentary about extreme ironing or climbing or something else as daft.), it might be best to get your up to date genuine info on these matters from RR members Ninja Stoker or Super Mario both of whom work as AFCO Bods and know their onions.
    The PRMC website is also good for info, Ninja Stokers on there too as a Moderator/Site admin. Take most poster comments on there with a pinch of salt as they will be as far along or not much further along in the process than you.
    Read Ninja Stokers posts on here in the newbies section and over there as well and you won't go far wrong.
  18. aeduigenan1, I suggest that you get a firmer grip on your English grammar and spelling before you do very much else.

    If language is the clothing of your thoughts then your current appearance shows you up as one who is shabby & ragged; thus lacking in some essential Oily Queues (Officer-like Qualities) and unlikely to earn respect,

    You really must try harder, then someone might make more of an effort to offer you their advice. :roll:
  19. mate
    i should be able to give you advice - thing is im not clear what it is you want to do is it
    1. Join the RM as an officer
    2. Join the RMR as on officer
    3. Join the RMR as an other rank

    let me know what it is you want to do and ill point you in the right direction
  20. RM as an officer

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