Discussion in 'Joining Up - Royal Navy Recruiting' started by EyeEyeSailor, Jul 22, 2009.

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  1. Well, i done my psychometric test 2 days ago. The test didnt get marked on the same day due to one of the officers being on a course so they couldnt check over the markings.

    Well, ive just had a letter through asking me to attend a selection interview, as well as the optician forms.

    I applied for ET(ME), the officer said he would phone me to confirm i got high enough percent to actually become one.
    He has yet to phone me but ive got my selection interview letter?
    Does that mean that ive passed the test? or will i just have to wait until he confirms whether i passed or not.

  2. congratulations i got my test tomorrow should pass it easily i also applying for same branch as you not sure about weather i should go for submarines tho i would like to be in asap as im currently out of work have you thought about that at all? anyway congrats again
  3. Ye i went for ET(ME) And my second choice was ET(WE) And im not really worried about how long it takes to get in(just left school,i just go to work(part time, work out and stuff.) :)

    Although i do need to start running again, and sharpish. :?
  4. bit different for me im 33 and at the moment work is pretty hard to find round my way i am already a qualified mechanical engineer so choice for me was sort of easy. my second choice was aircraft although i did think about weapons to. i just want to get through it all and get started sooner the better. i would make one suggestion though start training the fitter you can get the easier you will find things being physically fit also improves mental fitness.

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