had my interview last week all i can say really is just relax and be yourself it isn't really much more than a chat about your life and interests.Make sure you know about things like where do you go for training,for how long and read up on your branch of choice.

Good Luck


Lantern Swinger

Had my interview last month, i was very worried about it... but when you get in you feel more relaxed, they will ask you about your family life, very basic, they are just trying to see if you will be suitable for the Navy or Marines.

Get as much info as you can on your choosen branch, try to be confident, look him in the eye and most important be youself, dont bullshit, they will catch you out

Hope this Helps!!!!!

the medical is nothing to worry about mate! you give a urine sample, a hearing test, a colour blind test( if you have had your eyes tested, its the numbers in book test), dont worry about the cough test as its about 10 seconds and theyve seen it all before.

i had my interview and medical on the same day which i passed.
i was 15 mins into my interview when the petty officer said "thats it, im not interviewing you anymore"
i though i had done bad but he said i had done really well and was no point asking anymore questions!
Rodge-Nufc said:
hi guys, ive just passed my psychometric test :lol: ! does any1 have any tips about the interview? how did it go for you? cheerz
Hmmm, I had a quick chat at the AFCO. Then I came back sharpish for the interview which was about 40 minutes and actually more of a brief of where I was headed..

THEN came the RT, Medical and now the PJFT. So I'm in a bit of a different order.

So far my practice time for the PJFT is 10mins 50secs so I'm not too worried about booking it in the next week or two 8)


Lantern Swinger

The PJFT is a doddle, and i was drinking the night before, now when i think of it, it was a very bad mistake, my highest score is only 10:31, i need to improve my fitness before i go!!!
Mate its over rated, and what makes it easier is the fact its trainers. The fastest i can do it in is 8.03. The slowest i have done it in is 10.30. Have you seen the mile and a half at 40 cdo its horrid and it hurts. If you wanna get fast do hill sprints, it works a treat.
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