Discussion in 'Joining Up - Royal Navy Recruiting' started by Typh, Mar 16, 2009.

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  1. Hi guys

    Got an interview tomorrow to beocme a CT and like everyone in the other threads ive read, im quite anxious. Im ok with the talking about me and the job itself, but its the more broader parts like navy history, current operations and the fleet sizes im more concerned about. Theres quite a lot to take in on the navy website and ive got a feeling ill get my numbers mixed up and sound like a complete douche. Looking at the website, operationwise, isnt it just primarily afghanistan at the moment. Im not too sure and the amount of different ops all over the world seems impossible to remember. Anyone have any good techniques on remembering large amounts of info?

  2. Cheat
  3. Classic RN teaching techique

    "I don't know the answer now, but I will find out and let you know later"
  4. im half tempted to just hand over a piece of paper with the link to the website on it and tell the interviewer my answers there. I msure that will go down well.

    All joking aside, how did those who passed the interview manage to remember all the background stuff.
  5. Just get an interest in it, then the memory comes by itself. The idea of asking you those things is to see if you are actually interested in the navy, not that you have a good memory.

    Read the Navy News and the stories on the RN website. If something you read there sounds interesting, then google it for more info.

    There are a lot of current RN deployments. There's a video on the RN website you can watch that tells you where all the deployed surface ships are right now if you can't stomache reading it.

    Wikipedia is actually quite good on this subject ( ).

    Here's what we are currently doing:

    * Maintenance of the UK Nuclear Deterrent through a policy of Continuous at Sea Deterrence.
    * Provision of two medium scale maritime task groups with organic air assets.
    * Delivery of the UK Commando force.
    * Contribution of assets to Joint Force Harrier.
    * Contribution of assets to the Joint Helicopter Command.
    * Maintenance of standing patrol commitments.
    * Provision of Mine Counter Measures capability to UK and allied commitments.
    * Provision of Hydrographic and meteorological services deployable worldwide.
    * Protection of the UK and EU's Exclusive Economic Zone.
  6. On a more serious note, if you've got the interview tomorrow aren't you leaving it a bit late to ask. If you don't know it now you'll only confuse yourself trying to cram it for tomorrow? Just get a good nights sleep and tomorrow just RELAX and take each question as it comes.
  7. nah, ive been looking at for the past week, im probably looking too far into it if anything, dont know whether to just stick to the basics like fleet size etc.
  8. Keep to the basics, the interview is more about you. The deeper you try and go, the bigger the hole you dig. If you don't know the answer just say so, it won't go against you unless you say that for every question. As previously said on this thread, tell them you'll find the answer.

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