Discussion in 'Joining Up - Royal Navy Recruiting' started by deanwilson, Nov 25, 2008.

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  1. hi there i have my interview at the careers center what type of questions will i be asked any help would be much appreciated thanks dean
  2. Your careers adviser should have briefed you about the interview. Read the Pre-test booklet that you have been given as it explains in detail the different sections that you will be asked about.

    Before you start getting any grief on this site (but it's probably too late), might I suggest that you have a really good look around the Newbie section as this has already been covered quite comprehensively.
  3. try not to worry about it i had mine a couple of weeks ago they just ask you simpel question about yourself your family, education wat you do at home wat work you have done.

    all there trying to do is find out as much as they can

    and if you have any things your like really proud of doing and stuff talk about ti but just amke sure you awnser there questions.

    also key thing research your job your hopeing to do find out everythign about your job and the branch it is in, also how much you will be paied how mucht rannign and were it will all be done,

    im sure you will do fine as long as your confident
  4. Chrystal clear advice.
    Only wish I could comprehend it. :thumright:

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