Hi all,

I passed my recruitment test last week and i now have my interview in a weeks time.
Any tips or do's and donts? Ive looked into it and i think ive got an idea of some of the types of questions i may be asked,but i dont want to come unstuck anywhere.

oh,and ive gone for sonar on the subs


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Dont be late. :thumright:

Learn about your branch of choice and the training involved.

Learn about the fleet and current deployments. ( mite be asked depends on interviewer)

thats a few tips am sure one on the career advisors will give you some more.

good luck mate. :thumright:
Put the number of the interviewer/office in your mobile. That way if you can't help being late (it does happen) you can give them a ring and let them know!!


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The Selection Interview breaks down into five main areas & lasts 45 minutes to around an hour.

Make sure you switch your mobile off at the interview but also make sure you have the AFCO phone-number so that you can ring them BEFOREHAND, if you are delayed.

Dress smart, be early, bring all certificates & National Record of Achievement. Bring any documentation such as passport Birth Certificate, NHS Card if you did not already provide them to be copied on Recruiting Test day. Bring four colour passport photographs-put your name on the back of each. Also bring any completed paperwork given to you beforehand: eyetest forms, Security Questionnaire etc.

Areas covered in the interview are as follows:


All about you & your family.


School attended, punctuality, achievements, membership of clubs & societies, sports teams, favourite subjects, suspensions, expulsions, how you got on with teachers & pupils, what results you obtained, what further education you have attended if any. If you left further education early -why. Did you represent the school at sports.


How may jobs, why you left, how did you get your job, what responsibilities did you have. How much do you earn, what are your commitments, can you cope on Service pay, Timekeeping, disciplinary record.


Member of any sports clubs, Uniformed Youth Organisations, social life:do you understand drugs policy, what hobbies & interests do you have. Full breakdown of fitness schedule - Physical activity -what/how often/how far & how long established etc. any work related training, related skills/interests, Swimming - how often & how far. Personal admin.


Experience of communal living, ability to adapt to change, attitude to authority, time away from home/family, any experience of responsibility, timekeeping/discipline/truancy, aspirations/motivation. Service knowledge.

Relax. Maintain eye contact, don't slouch. Be yourself.
Don't take this the wrong way, however I am not looking forward to my interview for "other" reasons.

EDUCATION = None really!

As I currently see and what I know of the recruiting process it seams geared towards school leavers. This may well be because of this is the higher percentage of recruits, however I have a vision of uncomfortable silences when dealing with a 35 year old ex pongo!

Don't worry we change the interview to suit the individual. Therefore, we don't worry about the things that are not important to that person. Whewn interviewing and older person or an ex-serviceman there are different things we would be looking for.

I enjoy interviewing the more mature candidates, they've lived life and have far more to talk about.

Hope everything goes well

Neil - SM

That's good to know supermario, thank you.

Every time I go near the AFCO I somehow revert to the 15 year old who first walked in many years ago.

Maybe because this is something I wanted to do instead of something I felt I should do for many years I am fearful of buggering it all up.
Posted this myself a few weeks ago, hope it helps
Good Luck

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I passed my sift interview last week so just thought I would echo some of the advice (and add my own!) for those preparing for theirs, I found the information on these forums very useful so ignore it at your peril!

Easy to say now, I know but try and relax, however don’t over do it by slouching, sit up straight and don't fidget. Even if your interviewer begins to, do not follow their lead, they may have had a hell of a morning and this is the first chance they have had to sit down all day!

Already touched on some of this so won't repeat myself, but don’t move your hands around to much. I have a tendency to talk and express myself with my hands, sometimes they move faster and more often than a Dutch windmill! During the feedback it was commented on as being distracting which is understandable, so by all means use hand gestures but don't over do it!

When you think it is very difficult to maintain eye contact, when you think and speak its even harder, so, if you do need to think (and you will!), STOP, THINK YOUR ANSWER THROUGH, AND THEN SPEAK!

Apart from that think about the questions you are likely to be asked and work through your answers before going, and be yourself! The Lt Cdr who interviewed me was very down to earth and switched on, they are there to support your application, so all you need to do is do your best at answering their questions truthfully and honestly!

Good Luck
Thanks for all the advice. It paid off as i was accepted for a submariners role. The down side is due to my wifes[now seperated] debts and the fact i still share my name on the mortgage with her, my application is now 'pending' until i can sort the issue out............gutted! I can understand this,as although the debts are in her maiden name and are in no way linked to me,as long as i have my name on the mortgage i suppose im a liability.

Im not sure how yet,but im determined to get in the Navy.

Thanks again.
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