Had my interview and all is well and off to the medical, just that at the end the CPO said that if i was involved with the police for whatever reason, including being a witness, I had to infom them asap. Now i understand if i am in trouble but anyone explain why i would have to if i was for example a passenger in car accident? Is it incase i have to go to court as a witness, or just the RN wanting to know everything and anything?

it is in case you have to go to court mate, I will give you a example :-
if you saw a mugging, as a witness, and the guy/ giril that did it, pleaded not gulity it would have to go to court, it is there right to have a trial by jury, the problem with this is that a case like a mugging could take up to a year to get to be heard as a trial. at a guess the navy does not want to pull you out of basic or trade traing so they will wait until the trial is over befor they take you in, it is much better for you as well as them, especaily if problems at trial.
hope this helps

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