Discussion in 'The Corps' started by carlm, Feb 13, 2007.

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  1. Hi I have got my interview next week for the marines, was just wondering if anyone can give me some advice and tips for the interview.
  2. Wear a chunky watch and take a roll mate with you. You'll pass with flying colours.
  3. Thanks for the advice will do lol
  4. be confident, open and well presented. also dont call it "the marines" its the "Royal Marines" and rightly so. good luck in the interview.
  5. And don't forget what marine stands for.
    Muscles A Requirement, Intelligence Not Essential.
  6. im a recruit in the RMR, going down to CTC in a few days for my phase one course. if i pass out then i do indeed aim to become a DL. but i am also a pedantic corps pissed T"@~!!

  7. good luck
  8. its nothing to worry about.
    just learn as much as you can about the PRMC, RT and Corps in general,
    answer honestly, dont swear etc.

    for mine, my interviewer seemed content for basic answers most of the time.

    you like doing ironing, cleaning, and all that rubbish,
    you dont care about going to North ireland, Afgan, Iraq
    people spitting on you doesnt bother you
    you could make friends with a brick wall if you had to.

    if you say you have an issue with a major part of corps life thats a good way to fail i would imagine.

    apart from that it was all about fitness, basic knowledge, family, friends etc.
  9. Halford's advice was good. Be confident and try your best.

    Good Luck mate.

    Steven Preece
  10. Good effort that pussers [email protected]#! :twisted: . Good luck at Lympstonia.
  11. And Carl, whatever you do mate, do not wear a shellsuit!!! :lol:
  12. But if i wear a suit i will look like the acused lol
  13. Maybe so young man, but it will still look better than a shell suit. And no curly wigs either!! On a serious note young man, good luck with it, learn as much about the corps as you can and look smart and keen. Do not try to bullshit your way out of questions as you will be made to look a twat. Forward planning is the key and as i said, learn as much about the corp as possible.
  14. I have been learning about the badge, victoria cross winners and the prms and rt and the history of the corps.
  15. Thomas J Hunter VC, Lake commachio 1945. Last VC winner. I would say that there will be a few winners of said gong in the near future. Certainly those lads that went in on the Apache and extracted the fatally wounded Royal Marine. Bravery in the face of the enemy at it's finest.

    Per Mare Per Terram

  16. Alright mate

    Just passed my interview last week, so will give you tips on what I know.

    ~ Turn in looking smart - a suit or a shirt and tie anyway.
    ~ Learn some history but also learn where/what the Corps is doing now!!
    ~ Tell the truth - dont lie/exaggerate to make yourself sound better - you will get busted!
    ~ Be confident and positive with your answers

    The interview lasts around 1hr. In that time you will be asked such things as:

    ~ Why you want to join
    ~ Family background/family support
    ~ Employment background
    ~ Corps History
    ~ Unit locations and current deployments
    ~ A basic breakdown of what the 32 weeks training comprise of
    ~ Long term goals/aspirations
    ~ How youve prepared for training

    There is probably much more mate but, my head is mince today - busy, busy, busy. Good luck anyway and let us know how you get on with the ROYAL Marines.

    Sorry NZ - it pisses me off too when the Royal bit is left out mate :wink:

    Halford - good luck at CTC oppo. Speak top you when you get back.

  17. Thanks for the advice spenny do you know when you have got your prmc.
  18. janner

    janner War Hero Book Reviewer

    Don't forget to take your Teddy Bear and comfort blanket

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