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Discussion in 'Joining Up - Royal Navy Recruiting' started by charleym92, Mar 19, 2009.

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  1. Passed Me RT Yesterday So Pleased :)
    Had Me Eye TestToday And They Are Gonna Ring Me 2morra With Me Interview Date :D x
    Just Wondered What Should I Expect On The Interview??
    Advice Anyone??
  2. The interview's not really a reason to get nervous. I was asked most of the questions Ninja has highlighted in that post.

    I was thinking myself "I read that on RR". Just do the research and know your job and what you will/could be doing and you'll be fine. It's what I did and it worked :)
  3. My advice is don't write every word in capitals
  4. I aintt gotta worry bout that na lol x
    passedd the brainn test haha :p
  5. No you haven't. You've gotta use the ol' noggin in the interview as well.
  6. Hey

    I've got my interview on Thursday. I recently went through the application for Officer, but I didn't make it through my AIB so i have been through my interview before, but it din't go very well, but I still passed it. Was told that my Navy knowledge wasn't great and that I needed to work on some answers. So in preparation for Thursday, I've been doing some studying, and with the forums' help, I've got like crib sheets for the following?

    What the Navy does?
    The FAA, NSW, JFH, CHF
    The fleet i.e.: ships, descriptions, what they do?
    Future i.e.: T45, F35, CVF
    NATO / EU
    Naval History
    and my field: Aircraft Controller
    I also have the Raleigh information pamphlet

    I used it to study for my interview at AIB, but im now going for Aircraft Controller instead of Pilot. I don't know why but I'm still nervous. Is there anything else I've missed?

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