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I'm currently waiting to be called in for interview, having taken my RT towards the end of November last year.

Does anyone know if this is a standard kind of time to wait for interview. I wasn't advised as to how long it might take, but assumed that I may have heard something by now.

Was just wondering, as I don't want to pester the AFCO if this is the norm.

Many thanks.

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Unless there is a manning crisis in your AFCO, you should be interviewed within a couple of weeks of passing the test.

Definitely call your AFCO to check. Often people change contact details & forget to update their AFCO but even allowing for Chrimbo leave, you should not be waiting ten weeks to be interviewed - assuming you've completed and returned all the appropriate documentation.
Ok thanks.

As far as I'm aware I've submitted all documentation, not changed any contact details etc.. I'll give them a call.

Thanks again.

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