Interview tomorow


Hello everyone, I’ve got my interview tomorrow and I’m wondering if anyone could give some tips/advice to me which could possibly make me stand out or impress the interviewer. I’m going in as a marine engineer aswell


Smart, clean , shaven , suit or smart trousers and jacket collar an tie.

Prepare your questions to ask beforehand.

Good luck.


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Be yourself. Answer the questions honestly and don't be afraid to say you don't know. Have some idea of what the job you are seeking is about and have an idea of where you would like to go with your career.
A former respected AFCO recruiter who once graced these boards, @Ninja_Stoker, used to advise arriving with a friendly smile* - and take along a packet of Hob Nobs 'to grease the wheels'; Recruiters being Big Wheels (or at least they often think are :WINK: )

*Try practicing in front of a mirror this helps to avoid any nerves resulting in a cheesy grin...

Best of luck, let us know how you got on.

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