interview to long?

alright chaps.just left army a few months ago and thought id try my sea legs. have just completed interview and all the rest of it for submariner, now waiting on date...any ideas anyone how long it takes to start basic? was told upto 4 months but if my memory serves me correctly it took nowhere near that to enlist in navy slightly different? I thought it would be a pretty quick process if theyre critically undermanned? eagre to know...civvies are driving me round the bend! cheers for any info, looking forward to joining.

PS civvies dont do nightmaring it :thumright:


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If the CPO at AFCO gives you a goblet with a coin in the bottom, you could be on board your first ship within a matter of hours... :twisted:

Anyway our resident AFCO expert Ninja_Stoker will be along shortly, so be patient ant wait for for his advice.

Good luck and well done for finally seeing the light and joining the RN (even if it is as Crabmariner!)

Good luck in your future career 'The Roy'.
It will be different I'll give you that. The RN does things a tiny bit different but then all the armed forces do....ours does it a bit more different than most!
Get to sea and stop loafing inboard...............All the best.......wish it was me!
A life under the ocean la lallalalalaaaaaa etc ad nauseum!
A lot will depend on your scores at interview and your choice of branch / trade when you join. Some branches are considerably more shorthanded than others. Why not give the careers office a call and ask them? They're usually quite up front about it especially if you explain that you need to know whether to get a short-term part time job or something more long-term to tide you over until your papers arrive.


I work in the Navy Careers service and we are currently short in the following submariner branches:-

CIS (SM), WS S and T (SM), Logs SC/Pers/Chef/Stwd, ET (ME) and ET (WE).

All of these branches have entries at HMS Raleigh in the next 2 months, but only if you have been fully selected including the security check.

Hope this answers your question


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