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Interview stage


Just a few nervous jitters. Passed the tests and wanting to go in RN as ETME as a sundodger but does anyone have any useful tips for the interview as nerves kicking in!! I have got a new suit etc just not sure of what kind of questions the CPO is going to send my way apart from why i want to join.
apart from why you want to join, the main kind of questions are like..
why do you want to be an ET(ME)?
how do you think you coupe in a disaplined enviroment?
how do you think you will coupe being away from home/family/loved ones?
what does your family think of you joining?
what was your schooling like? eg secondary school/college, subjects teachers, awards, PE
how long will you train for eg basic training and trade training?
what are the terms of service? (basic training is 9 weeks long after apr.)
what are the get out clauses?
what is your fitness like?
what training are you doing to get fit for the navy?
this only a brief list there are many more questions, the interview is not diffcult, just be yourself.
the motto for the royal navy "work hard play hard"

hope this helps
Squat up on the RN, and call him (if he is a CPO) Chief. Ask questions as well, seem really keen. Just come across as a sensible person, it is not that bad. Save the nerves for going across the Torpoint Ferry in Guzz when you have to ditch all your porn in the bins!
Enjoy it! You will enjoy it as long as you do some reading up on the information you've been given and give just a little other knowledge, such as current affairs. Otherwise, it'll be a really nice, insightful chat.
phil1972 said:
You will also be asked about drugs, so probably best not to smoke a spliff in the interview.

Also their policy on pearcing's

So you had best think about pulling any you have out before Ryleigh.

Best undo them first though.
Scares are hard to explain atherwise
I was asked..

What sorts of ships do we have
Because I wanted to be a tiff I was asked some basic engineering questions like "how many spark plugs does a diesel engine have"
damo567 said:
I was asked..

What sorts of ships do we have
Because I wanted to be a tiff I was asked some basic engineering questions like "how many spark plugs does a diesel engine have"
i hope you said it doesen't.
got asked almost every question going but all went well just a few more forms to fill in (due to having a mortgage etc!!)so onto the next stage cheers folks
One thing that threw me a little bit was "what do you think are your strong points", then "weaknesses". I could wnak on about how brilliant I am for ages but the trick is to mention things that will be of use in the service, ie being able to make friends easily, being level headed when thrown into a new situation. The thing with weaknesses is to try and say something that sounds also like a strength, I said something like getting a bit pssed off when mates were late meeting me, I have to be more understanding "as I couldn't expect everyone to keep to my standards of punctuality", the bootneck interviewing me was lapping it up.
The weakness one is difficult. Can't even remember what i said. Think it was something like, 'i get frustrated with myself if i get something wrong'.

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