Interview questions?

So, I just read on another forum post about how long it will be before I'm likely to be contacted for my interview, but just for preparation purposes, what am I likely to get asked? Being part of the Navy has been a life-long dream and if I screw up I'm basically going to be floating around in life, not knowing what to do with myself.... Thanks in advance all!
Naval service yes, navy no. I'll assume you're going for the RFA.
Anyway, I think the sift interview varies for rating and officer cadet. I did the officer cadet sift in January. It was a largely competency based interview with standard "tell me a time when you....." questions. There were also questions regarding what the RN, RM and RFA are up worldwide, so make sure you have an idea what operations are underway atm and what the RFA do to support the armed forces in these.
Be sure that you know why you want to join the RFA rather than the RN. Bear in mind that you will receive merchant and military training, but also receive qualifications for the MN that you wouldn't receive as, say, a warfare officer.
Someone may correct me if I'm wrong, but I don't believe ship recognition is part of the interview anymore. Even so, take a look around the RN website and swot up on ships etc; it'd be helpful to be interested in this stuff anyway.

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