Interview - possible questions

Hi guys, I'm new to the forum.
Been coming on here a fair bit during my application to join the navy and have found a lot of the info useful.
Just wondered if someone could help me out abit, I've got my interview this week and I've been told I will need to know what ships I will be working on and for how long etc.
All I can seem to find on the navy website is that after Raleigh I will go to gosport (although everyone I've spoken to has said it will be Portsmouth) for 4 months for further training and then I will go to sea to put my knowledge to test as it were. I want to feel as confident as I can going into the interview so anything you can help me with would be appreciated.
I'm joining as an ETME by the way, thanks


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Gosport is across the water from Portsmouth so lumped in with Pompey, google maps is your friend (and it's HMS Sultan, Military Road, Gosport where you'll be going).


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Generally speaking, at interview you will only be asked information relating to your job which is on the RN Website.

Items such as where you will complete your training, how long training is, what you envisage your job involves, any branch of preference related experience you may have, and the types of ships you may expect to serve upon. For ET(ME), you can safely answer "all of them".