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Discussion in 'Joining Up - Royal Navy Recruiting' started by Vrumm, Jul 1, 2013.

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  1. Hi

    I passed the interview stage last week for MA(SM) and it really wasnt that bad. I was very glad I learnt all current Boats in service as he asked me a few times about that but The majority of the interview was about my past like travel experiences and how I felt I had done at school / Uni and why I wanted to change from my current job (which is paid pretty well). Dont know why I was so nervous.
    Deffinatley read Ninjas post on interviews and have an answer for everything on there and topics around them as it isnt a question and answer its more like a flowing discussion.
    Dress smart and get there early as it gives you time to calm down and clear your head.

    Anyway I was told to be looking at 7 months before raleigh but then after I had left I got a call saying they only take 10 places a year and the next intake would be January 2015. A bit gutted but I suppose it gives me time to sort things out hopefully it will reduce a little :-/
  2. Everyone is in the same "boat" as you ;)

    I was told 16 months when i applied, passed my interview and was told 24, just be patient and keep on top of your fitness, because you could be given your date at any time now :)

    And well done on passing :)
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  3. Hi mate, I'm applying for MA (GS) and was given an estimated time of 24 months to begin training. So you'll still probably have less time to wait than me! :) From what I've seen on this forum quite a few people get earlier start dates than they are expecting, so chin up and good luck! :thumbup:

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  4. Thanks DavetheRave and LaurenMc

    Yeah hopefully its shorter than what they have estimated but gives me chance to really push my fitness for Raleigh :)

    When did you first apply? For me it was November last year.

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  5. Hi, I applied in January 2012 :)

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  6. I also applied November 2012
  7. March 2012

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