Interview on 18th sep Anyone?

Discussion in 'RFA' started by 77DEEPS77, Sep 2, 2014.

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  1. Hello! I'm traveling down to Portsmouth on the 17th from Scotland anyone driving down on that day also want to meet up?

    I'm staying in the western night of the 17th anyone else staying ?

    Hopefully see you all soon
    :) :) :) :) :) :)
  2. Hi mate.

    I stayed there Sunday night before my interview on Monday. Nice hotel right on seafront. Taxi only £5 to navy base.

    What role you going for? And good luck.
  3. Hey goose

    Thanks very much mate. I'm applying for MM2. I'm riding down on my motorbike so can just nip across for the interview in the morning.
  4. What type of room was it goose? I only ask as the mrs wants a trip to Pompey to visit the museum

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  5. Nice room. But was only a single. But could easy get 2 in. Hotel right on sea front.
  6. She can sleep on the floor! Cheers pal

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  7. I was thinking about bringing my mrs along too. By single room do you mean single bed goose? Would there be any trouble with two people checking into a room book for one?
  8. I wouldn't have thought so. Can always just get Mrs to wait outside while you check in. But I wouldn't have thought any issues.

    Yes its a single bed.
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  9. Why would you take your gf along?
  10. To hold my hand on the tube!
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  11. I wish this was posted in Lil's, that's just ripe for comments.
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